>Ramadan is Coming: Watch Out!

>So, in case you aren’t a long-time reader of my blog (all 3 of you, who may have dropped to 1 this summer while I have been remiss in blogging), every Ramadan it seems I get hit by someone. Yep, my car has received various dents, bangs, and smooshes during Ramadan. Worse, the people that hit me aren’t the least bit contrite about hitting me, causing me trouble, or anything. One said she forgave me (for her hitting me. Apparently I needed to be forgiven for getting in her way…). The other threatened to kill El 3atal for asking him to pay for the damage he caused. In Ramadan!

So for those who haven’t experienced Ramadan, be extra vigilant when driving. Know that many of the people on the roads with you will not be paying any attention to what they are doing. They may hit you and are likely to not feel the least bit bad. If you are Christian (or foreign-looking) expect this to be doubly true. After all, as the guy last year said, “You don’t know what it’s like to fast.” Clearly he’s never heard of Lent…

So, here’s me happy that at least most of Ramadan falls during the summer, so I can avoid going out much. And, sad that this time comes again and I’m unable to leave for its entirety. Maybe next year. Or the one after. Because for me, Ramadan is a time of inconvenience and annoyance marked by car accidents :(.

However, I hope all of my Muslim friends have a blessed and beautiful Ramadan season which reminds them of the meaning and beauty of the original message of Ramadan…

Sad Car Accident Season…

10 thoughts on “>Ramadan is Coming: Watch Out!

  1. >That happened to me last Ramadan. A guy was so determined to get around me, he scraped the side of my car – and then yelled at me (really loudly). It was a brand new car, and I was a brand new driver in Jordan. Thankfully the rest of the year hasn't been so bad (although not so great either).

  2. >I am sorry for the repeated accidents! I know it can be scary to drive in Jordan, let alone during Ramadan. I just don't understand how people transform the lack of food and drink into anger.

  3. >Anne, I'm glad I'm not the only member of the club.Mab3oos, I'm with you. The fact that they get angry undoes all of the good they were doing with fasting. Somewhere theymissed that part… but driving in Jordan is more fun than scary for me these… just not in Ramadan.

  4. >Anne, what an awful thing to happen. Hope your confidence as a driver wasn't crushed with the side panel of the car. :(MB, yea, may it be a VERY different Ramadan that way.

  5. >Kinzi, confidence driving in Jordan is a hard thing to come by, but I got it back. Except now I've set limits on where and when I'll drive during Ramadan (AND Saudi Season – right now). 🙂

  6. >Well, I'll be fasting AND abstaining from getting out too much. I'm not in the mood to be trampled in any lines. I'm turning into a cave dweller, I believe. MB I venture to say that in the US you could run into a dozen fasting folks and never meet up with any anger or frustration. Unfortunately it seems to be contagious here–thus my opting to "lay low" this month. Love ya.

  7. >Umm F, exactly. I wish I didn't have to get out at all. Oh, and I have a wee something from MemeBean for you. I need to run it by before I get busy with school (haha, whatever).The contagion of annoyance is a shame… Wishing you a Ramadan Kareem!

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