>Could YOU wear the same clothes for 30 days straight? Talk about recycling…

>We’ve all seen in the magazines where the personal shoppers and fashion magnates tell us to simply accessorize differently and mix and match items in our closet to save money and create new outfits. Well, I suspect many of you, like me, figured it as a bunch of hooey. I’m not a fashionista (as anyone who has ever met me knows) and I don’t really mix and match well. So, I really think the folks who give this advice are full of something (often themselves). And then, one goes and does something like this!

Valerie Elizabeth, a true glamour gal (she’s a glambassador for Glamour magazine), vowed to spend one month in her Little Black Dress. She’s on day 19 of wearing the same LBD accessorized and paired with different things to make it look new. She calls it The Little Black Dress Experiment. In recognition of the challenges of the economic meltdown and minimized disposable income, she put her money where her mouth is. I have to say, while I I don’t love all of her looks, I respect the effort and the commitment. I think I’d go nuts in the same clothes every day, and yet I seem to pick the same shirt and jeans every chance I get, so… At any rate, kudos to Valerie.

Happy Recycling!


2 thoughts on “>Could YOU wear the same clothes for 30 days straight? Talk about recycling…

  1. >Interesting idea- as long as you can shower and wash the dress! šŸ™‚ Seriously though, I'm going to have to look that up. That mix and match idea sounds so easy when Rachel Ray and those folks say it, but it's so not.

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