>Is there something different this Ramadan making people pettier and angrier?

>So, today, while parked next to the Beans’ school, our car got keyed. It’s the second such incident I’ve heard of in the couple of weeks since Ramadan started. So, is it just misplaced anger at the Ajnabeeyeen, general annoyance, or is there something I missed this year that’s made people do petty damage? Of course, two incidents do not make an epidemic, but it is unusual to see them so close together in time… Anyone have thoughts?

Happy misdirected rage!


11 thoughts on “>Is there something different this Ramadan making people pettier and angrier?

  1. >no no no,take my word for it,its not against Ajnabeyyeen or anything,its against EVERYONE, ppl go insane in Ramadan, such a paradox, you know Islam asks followers to be better ppl (if not all year long,especially in this month) ,kinder ,etc… what happens is people get angrier and on the nerves the whole day . Islam asks you to fast more than half of the day right ? people consume INSANELY . its just one of our lovely full of paradoxes society ,and i encourage search&research but u won't find an answer to WHY ! 🙂

  2. >Not you too! Yikes. If it happens to Umm Farouq, we'll know it is a foreigner BLOGGER conspiracy. ;)so, I guess we make appointments at the body shop together.

  3. >Well… I haven't seen or heard of any other keyings, but I saw something the other day that was outrageously stupid.I went to Cozmo Monday after work (salary in hand). You know there are the two parking lots for the grocery store – the small upper lot and the lower lot with valet parking. I tried the upper lot. Full, unsurprisingly, with a lot of cars circling through looking.Then suddenly the circling stopped. Two cars ahead of me a woman started honking her horn and screaming at the parking lot attendants. Apparently she had seen (from a distance) a spot she wanted, but the car in line before her took the spot (duh).The twit absolutely refused to move. She screamed at the man who parked the car. She screamed at the parking lot attendants some more that they must make the man move because she saw the spot before him – although his was in "line" before her.Then people behind her started honking and she got out of her car and started screaming at everyone else, myself included, although I never honked – I was too busy laughing.I can't imagine what got into her. That was way beyond Ramadan irritation. A Ramadan/PMS combo perhaps? (RPMS?) 🙂

  4. >Huba, I'm with you. but, keying does happen the world over. It's not so much the act as that it happened during Ramadan when much is made of the ideals of peace and love but somehow the reality falls far short…

  5. >Not sure about the above comment…just chalk it up to Ramadan insanity?Anyway, it would take me actually leaving my house to have my car keyed, or at least I'd hope no one is coming to my driveway to vandalize. I have ventured out little, but when I do, I try to do so in the early hours of the day. I'm so sorry this happened to both of you. Truly.Still trying to figure out when to have you over to eat? But you'd have to drive to get here… :)Hey my word verification word is "burnin." Thought that was funny.

  6. >Umm F, getting rid of that comment. Doesn't meet my language standards… Too funny. I need to drop by (not to eat, though) to bring the stuff my mom brought for you. She reminded me just today. I told her that you lived way out in the middle of nowhere. She was quite excited to see the middle of nowhere until she realized it was next to Nicole's which doesn't meet her "nowhere standards" if you will, teehee. My word is cappersw. I wonder what the e is for, teehee…

  7. >I think people this Ramadan are somehow better behaving than the past years, I have no idea why, but hope it stays like this. Execpt for the crazy drivers at Ifatr time who think they will die from hunger or thirst if they are a few minutes late for Iftar. My car has been scartched a few times and I know it's kids who do that! Generaly speaking people in this country wither well off, poor or average class need alot of manners!

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