>Shhh, don’t tell anyone, but today we…

>jumped in puddles! I got the idea from ButterBean’s English teacher. Not only is she a great teacher, but she’s personally a delight! She was teasing her daughter about the rain and said that it wouldn’t rain hard enough to jump in puddles. And, with His usual sense of humor, God proved her wrong. I was a bit concerned when the rain was coming fast and furious since I didn’t bring my umbrella in to the school.

I finished my class, realized I forgot my gym clothes at home and so determined I would sit on a nice bench in a wee courtyard at the school and listen to some Tony Campolo. Today’s discussion was on Christianity and money (how we should use it, what is a tithe and is it applicable and such). As I was enjoying myself immensely, I felt a rain drop. Then two, which I ignored. But, when I felt ten, I decided to go inside. Shortly after I did, the bottom fell out. I was getting wet INSIDE haha! Something about open windows in the second floor balcony.

At any rate, by the time the Beans had finished their activities, the rain had stopped. I thought about it and decided that there is no better time than the present to hop in rain puddles. It’s one of those childhood experiences that I took for granted before moving to Jordan. In Alabama, it rains year round and summer rains are usually warm. So, puddle jumping is a given along with hot nights chasing fireflies and swimming like a fish by the time you’re 6. In Jordan, not so much on all those counts. So I decided to buck the trend and jump in puddles today. The Beans had a good time doing it, too.

But, don’t tell anyone, because I can imagine the lectures that I’d have gotten if anyone (other than crazy Ajnabeeyeen like us) had seen us doing it. No doubt jumping in puddles causes colds, or swine flu, or something like that, right? Teehee. So, TetaBean, if you’re reading, forget I said we did this. And others, feel free to live vicariously through us and our puddle jumping. We had great squealing fun and wish you the same opportunity someday soon!

Happy Memory-Making!


8 thoughts on “>Shhh, don’t tell anyone, but today we…

  1. >We jumped in puddles, too! Lots of 'em. In the house. Because it flooded. :)Ever-thankful that it was something we could handle. Some things are ruined, like carpet, but, such is life.

  2. >Yikes! I think I wouldn't have found it quite as muh n adventure if the puddles were INSIDE. I hope all is well with the family and not too much was runied that is really loved…

  3. >Yikes! Ya, you better keep that quiet in native circles. Surely, that would be frowned upon. Alhamdulillah. Good for you. Sometimes doing the opposite of what is expected really feels good.

  4. >Nicole, Indeed. That's why I said shhhh ;). Teehee. We did have a very fine time. Oh, and we eat ice cream in the winter too (but definitely don't tell anyone that).

  5. >What about the dreaded "stomach cold" or did ya ever hear about that one- as a consequence of sitting under a fan, drinking ice cold water etc…MommaBean, sorry to be off subject but I've been trying to get your Ma, especially for her b'day yesterday and fbing her and getting no reply.I assume all is well and she may be too busy? You remember me, Jerry's sista? If you talk to her , please ask her to email or SOMETHING. Thanks and happy future puddle-jumping!

  6. >Auntie P, most welcome! We've heard lots about stomach colds and diarrhea being caused by sitting under the fan, drinking cold beverages, sleeping without a cover over your tummy… Such fun! MemeBean's computer is down for the count and her access on-line is down to the times she can make trips over to the uncle's house… So, yeah, she's incommunicado. But, I'll call her tonight if I get a chance and ask her to let you know she's doing fine. And, we're still waiting on a visit from you, when are you dropping by?

  7. >Thank you dear MommaBean for your kind invitation.If I go next year to Lebanon I will give you a ring for sure. I will look for MemeBean's numbers. I'm sure to have them stashed somewhere. I will visit her in a few months,inshallah, and look forward so much to seeing her again and her new place. Thanks my dear, again. Love to you all -especially the darling BabyBeans- and stay away from the dreaded stomach cold, y'all!!

  8. >Thanks Auntie P, unfortunately the TwinBean's school is closed for swine flu at the moment, so we're hoping to ward off flu in addition to the dreaded stomach colds, teehee!

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