>Bloggable taxi moment…

>The other evening, El3atal and I were on our way home and going through the 5th circle when we witnessed an ultimately bloggable moment. We were approaching the circle and a taxi was stopped in the lane blocking us. I was annoyed to see the fare jump out of the taxi thinking that he was terribly rude to have stopped in the middle of the road blocking the circle in addition to the entrance. Then I realized that the fare wasn’t walking away… he was pushing the taxi. That’s right the taxi ran out of gas in the middle of the 5th circle and his fare had to push the car out of the traffic flow! And then the guy paid him for the ride. I think if it were me, I would have told the taxi driver that my effort in pushing the car was a fair exchange for the fare…

Happy gas guzzling!


2 thoughts on “>Bloggable taxi moment…

  1. >Anonymous, thanks for stopping by. Next time, perhaps you can smile at a silly life-in-these-times incident without trying to make it about who is better than who…Oh, and a simple thought, it's not by accident that Americans are the most giving people on earth…

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