>Blog Action Day: Climate Change on the Mind

>Now, I grew up in a place where climate change has a very different (and less personal) meaning than here in Jordan. In Jordan, most of the country is arid (desert) with a few patches of semi-arid (almost desert) mixed in for good measure. Seeing running water in nature is remarkable. My home state, Alabama, has lakes, ponds, creeks, streams, and rivers in abundance. I mean, look at all of the words we have just for a running body of water. The different between a creek, stream, and river is all about relative size.

When Alabama has a drought, it means that the rainfall is significantly less than usual… but that significantly less is significantly more than a banner year for Jordan. In Alabama, we get on average 60 inches of rain a year spread evenly across the seasons. In Jordan, I’d be surprised if we get 1/4 of that and it only rains in the fall/winter – mostly winter. As a result, Jordan is browner than green and the trees and plants are very hardy.

So, when the temperatures rise and rainfall patterns change, Jordan feels it acutely very quickly. Water sources are scarce and those that exist can be troublesome (remember that news item that caused so much controversy about the Disi Aquifer water project?). For this reason, Jordan needs to be finding its voice, actively leading conversations about the environment and man’s impact on the global climate. After all, thinking that those things that impact one nation don’t worry us is impractical on this issue. If the climate changes in one nation, impacts can be felt around the world. We don’t want other deciding for us, do we?

And, for those who think that climate change isn’t happening, excellent, now demonstrate that using the actual numbers in Jordan. I don’t mind if you want to lead the conversation that way, just step up and lead. Scientists of Jordan take note, we’re looking to you to be open and honest about the impacts of global decisions, including climate change on Jordan.

And, for those think that desert isn’t beautiful, I challenge you to come for a visit. I grew up in world of green and flowers and now live in a world of shades of tan. Each is equally as beautiful and has it’s own richness. Jordan has as much beauty as Alabama (and trust me, that is definitely saying something since Alabama is the most beautiful American state by far (no bias here of course)). Welcome to a place where the people are as beautiful as the landscape…

Happy Rain!

For more information on Blog Action Day, check them out here.

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