>Vegtation Food Anyone?

>We were out and about and I managed to grab this snap shot of a restaurant sign board (and yes, they always wonder what in the world I’m doing…). I particularly enjoyed the inventiveness of the misspellings on this one.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, at this Rustrant (that must be some angry rust if it’s ranting) you can actually get vegetation food and rice vegetables! I’d imagine that this must be rice, vegetables, and vegetarian food, but after all, while allow a language to be limiting? No one does vegetation food like Beefa Snack…

Happy Vegetation!


4 thoughts on “>Vegtation Food Anyone?

  1. >The funny thing also is the assumption that Arabs like meat (Turkish & Lebanese Shawerma) and non-Arabs like vegetarian food ("Vegetation food"); the English text is not a translation of the Arabic text!

  2. >Umm F and Um T, Awww, man! He beat me. No fair. Saw it while I was driving and intended to get back with a camera… beat me to the punch.And Jaraad, I just noticed that while I was waiting on the comments to lead. I hadn't even read the Arabic text since the English was so funny. Who knew Arabs like meat and English speakers like vegetation?

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