>Where Exactly is THIS the tradition?


So, El 3atal and I were with the Beans eating out when we came across this menu. The errors in the English menu are numerous, but hard to see with my none-too-steady cell-phone hand. But, this one was so funny to me. If you can read this (sorry for the poor photo quality), you’ll see “The traditional way of serving chili over spaghetti with choice of toppings.”
So, again I ask, WHERE is it a tradition to put chili on spaghetti? Sauce, yes. Chili… not so much.
In my home, the tradition is to put chili in a bowl and serve it with crackers. It is, after all, a hearty soup… Even on hot dogs or fries doesn’t raise an eyebrow, but on spaghetti? I guess to each people their own traditions.
Now, amusement aside, the menu came from the new Chili Ways that opened near the Dead Sea. And, kudos (big time) to the management. The food was not bad and the service was surprisingly good. I’d recommend it as an affordable option in the Dead Sea area. Oh, and they have a wee play area to keep this kids busy, an extra unexpected bonus. Good job, Chili Ways, although I skipped the local tradition and had a burger instead…
Happy Traditions?!

14 thoughts on “>Where Exactly is THIS the tradition?

  1. >It's a Chili ways tradition! heheheheAnd before Chili ways, chili house started that tradition. I remember ordering that since I was 17 years old. I am now 33 so do the math.They can start a tradition, can't they? Don't deny them that right 🙂 .

  2. >It's a local tradition in Ohio. Cincinatti chili. There are two chains all over the state–Skyline and Gold Star. Skyline is way better. Chili House and Chili Ways got the ideas from them. You can even get spice packets to make Skyline chili at home. Maybe we should invite you over for some?-Abu Tulip

  3. >The story is there is a relationship between the two chili chains in Cincinnati and in Jordan. I grew up always eating chili on spaghetti noodles. I didn't realize others didn't for many years. ~ Um Tulip

  4. >Ewwww, so it IS an odd American tradition. I sometimes forget that not everyone comes from a place with fine culinary traditions (like chitlins, pork rinds, and beef jerky, teehee). Bu then again, all of us Southerners think you folks in the North do strange things to your food.Thanks Um and Abu Tulip for clarifying that you've seen it too.Oh, and 7aki, far be it from me to begrudge them the right to start their own traditions :). But the way they make it sounds, it's as if everyone's always done this. And, I've never seen it before myself…

  5. >I was just about to check my own recipe for Cincinnati Chili to make sure I had it right. But I was happy to read that someone already commented with the same answer.Actually, my son asked for chili today so I'll get out my recipe. But we really never eat it over spaghetti.

  6. >Yes, the owner of the Chili House franchise lived in Ohio for 20 + years. I like their food; there is one in walking distance from our home and their service is always great. If you get to-go food, they serve you a nice cup of American coffee while you wait. If you eat in, they bring you coffee to your table. We love the Philly Chicken sandwiches they have. In our house, however, we always ate chili w/ crackers and shredded cheddar cheese. Now we've adapted to eating it over basmati rice (to please the hubster). I commented just last week how crackers were a staple with many dinners back in Bama. 🙂

  7. >Man, there are lots of Cincinatti folks out there, hunh? Teehee. I tsand totally corrected (although still pretty grossed out, teehee). Somethings this Southern girl will never get used to, I'm adding chili on spaghetti to that list. Um T, I'd love to come, but you can't make me eat my chili over spaghetti. I'll bring my own crackers though.Um F, the inconsistency of Saltine availability is one of my most greivous food annoyances in Jordan. When they're in town, I stock up like someone in a war zone (I have 5 boxes in my cabinets right now)…

  8. >MB, you and me both, in Cali never the twain shall meet!!!Now we do chili over basmati too, like Umm F. Lil Kinz insists on having her beans smashed. :9

  9. >Kinzi, yeah. Cali may have lots of oddnesses (well, what place doesn't), but chili over spaghetti isn't one of them.I know that Abu Konouz is used to rice or a nice filling carb under most soups and stews and it can become a family traditon. Since El 3atal doesn't really care for soup (or stew), it doesn't feature much in our house except in the wee microwavable tubs of chili for me. That's about the most that will be used :(.

  10. >Chili truly only belongs with those little tiny oyster crackers. I will accept it on a hot dog (ie Sneaky Pete's) or even chili cheese fries. But spaghetti? Not this southern girl! I will however, have a chicken philly sandwich from Chili House anyday. They are awesome (although not really authentic).

  11. >I had never understood what was going on at Chili Ways. Actually, the place freaks me out. Their chili is abominable. Sorry folks, but I would rather not eat. We had a bad scene in there one day and have never gone back. My favorite is chili over baked potatoes with cheddar cheese and sour cream! Just a version of chili cheese fries without the frying. Yum yum. The real Chili's on Mecca street has some really good chili cheese fries!

  12. >Okay, allow me to say, Bama Bedouin and Nicole you are both MEAN. Tiny oyster crackers… talk about awakening a craving I'll NEVER be able to fulfill in Jordan. Bad girl. And Nicole, baked potato with chili. What are you thinking? Trying to drive me out of my mind? You girls are mean, poor spirited… and much loved. Thanks for the comments :).

  13. >We had chili! This is the second night in a row. Hurrah for cool October winds. Kind of like that old "York Peppermint Patty" commercial..but when I take a bit of homemade delicious chili, it's like sitting on a cold stadium bleacher watching my High School football team slaughter the competition. Then I'd burn my tongue on some hot chocolate.

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