>At Least Big Bird is Older Than I Am…

>One of the vagaries of getting old is… feeling old. Those things that never bothered me in my roaring twenties like caffeine in the afternoon, working out too hard, and such are now issues. but I saw this article yesterday that Big Bird just turned 40. For those who, like me, grew up on Sesame Street you may enjoy reading this. Sesame Street was the only program MemeBean let us watch. And, as they tell parents these days, she watched with us. I grew up thinking Grover was awesome and Mr. Snuffalupagus was the coolest ever. Honestly, I was a bit disappointed when everyone got to see him. After all, it was kind of neat Big bird having an imaginary friend, just like me – even if he wasn’t exactly imaginary.

The first time I saw the Arabic Sesame Street (not the one on Jordan TV now, which is awesome), I was a bit confused by Na9maan. I could neither tell what type of animal he was supposed to be nor what his orientation was supposed to be. Let’s just say they claimed he’s a boy, but his voice is, ahem, effiminate…

At any rate, the fellow who does Big Bird’s voice celebrated his 40th anniversary with the show! And let me say, that’s something. 40 years with any employer is amazing. 40 years in the same role is even more. And, the fact that he tried and manages to keep Big Bird vibrant and unique after all of this time is nigh on miraculous. Pleas join me in saying… Happy Birthday Big Bird! And…

Happy Aging!


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