>Blah-ging… Winter Blues?

>So, it’s been awhile, hunh? Somehow with everything else going on, I’ve just plain been blah about blogging. Plenty of things have caught my eye and I’ve wanted to blog about them, but the posts just haven’t made it from my head to the computer. I’ve got one waiting about a conference I went to last week, there’s another about the Nutcracker, which two of the three beans were in, in short there’s lots going on up there, but nothing coming out. So, today, I’m celebrating being blah about blogging. Anyone with me? (Oh, and I’m actually not blue at all, but it seemed appropriate. Things have finally calmed down a bit and I’m actually getting into the Christmas spirit :)).

Happy Blahs!


3 thoughts on “>Blah-ging… Winter Blues?

  1. >I understand. I only read blogs – don't have my own. But over the past few months, I've decided to relax on replying to emails that really don't need a reply – just nice thoughts from friends. I read what they sent and enjoy that. Same with sms. I am relaxing myself and not replying to all msgs. And I'm not sending a msg about everything that pops into my head. Time away from the phone and keyboard is good – as a sender and receiver.

  2. >Umm F, we should get togther sometime soon. Missing you :(. Blue about that anyway. Let me know if you need support or cheerng up.KF, welcome. Good attitutde. I hin a little disconnecting can be a great thing…

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