>Cigars in restaurants? Seriously?

>Is there really ANYONE out there who thinks taking out a nasty, stinky, honking big cigar in an enclosed public space is acceptable? Now, it’s one thing if you’re in a Cigar Bar or Lounge (ala The Library at the Marriott), but in a normal restaurant? What is THAT about?

Last night I went out with Teta and JiddoBean for a nice meal. The food was lovely. The only problem was the rude fellow who came 30 minutes before his party apparently to enjoy a cigar. Seriously, it was nasty, stinky, and smoky. He filled the entire room with his cancer fumes. Come on now. Smoking restaurants are one thing, but cigars?!

Where I come from, people who smoke cigars and pipes confine it to their own homes, their gardens (imagine), or a cigar bar. it seems to me that restaurant owners in Jordan need to step up and draw a line. Really, if I had a restaurant, I assure you it would be non-smoking. Every restaurant in town should be non-smoking (wasn’t there some law about that???), but regardless for the comfort of my customers, I would not allow cigars.

So, the the gentleman who ruined the atmosphere last night… you should be ashamed. To his kids who finally joined him, how can you not be embarrassed? Get some decency and regard from others. My achy throat and I will pray for some empathy for others for the whole lot of you.

Happy firehoses (lucky I didn’t have one)!


7 thoughts on “>Cigars in restaurants? Seriously?

  1. >You should have said something! That is ridiculous. I won't put up with that kind of crud. Smoking has been banned in Jordan and cigars are included! At Chili's there is a sign that says no pipe or cigar smoking. Unfortunately, they have a smoking section but they don't allow cigars. Yucko. I pity the person who has to kiss that mouth. Ugh.

  2. >I'm saying. If I weren't certain my in-laws would have died of embarrassment, I would have said something. My MIL spent the time glaring at the guy who saw her but was obviously more important than everyone else.

  3. >oh gosh i hate smoking a lot!!!!!! and i dont respect any restaurant that allow smoking! cuz i think when you're eating you're all the air you're gonna breath'll be from your nose so you wont feel okay while eating and a rude man like that guy smoking beside you or even in the same restaurant, i really dont know how those ppl think :Sthanks for sharing the story 🙂

  4. >am afraid that smoking is one issue and then smoking a cigar is another. am afriad that this act is only to show of that you come from a certain class and you can afford cigars. i know that casue a lot of friends do that and consider that as a prestigiouse act! personally i belive it is dicusting and they should take thier cancerous substance outside!

  5. >Darya, where I come from, the opposite is true. It shows class to be considerate of others. Sad… but you could be right as to motive. However who this fellow was showing off for, I can't imagine. We weren't impressed.Kinzi, ick indeed.

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