>Amman Gets 911 Service…

>So, I read in the Jordan Times today that Amman will be replacing 190 to 199 with a single call center service “to report crimes, road accidents, fires, medical emergencies”, etc. In addition to the call center, 138 surveillance cameras have been installed to allow police to verify incidents, ensure response times are appropriate, and perform other high tech quality assurance functions.

For me, this is exciting. Although I knew the number to call in the past, I felt very odd about it, especially since everyone I know who’s been in an accident says the police usually don’t come and if they do it takes hours. I hope the new high-tech approach will help them streamline and manage their processes better. Perhaps I’m a cock-eyed optimist, but here’s hoping!

Happy 911!


2 thoughts on “>Amman Gets 911 Service…

  1. >My daughter immediately said, once I had made the announcement about the new 911, "They had to copy that,too?!" So much for Jordanian originality, huh. Ha.

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