>You Mean You DON’T Have a Snowman on Your Car?


So, we were on our way home the other day and passed a restaurant when what to our wondering eyes did appear? Yes, a snowman. On top of a car. How 2010…

Sadly, my phone refused to take a picture of it (I think it was too cold, like me.) But, happily CousinBean was along and managed to get this picture. Excuse the tilt, but beggars can’t be choosers…
When we saw this, two things came to mind. First, where do you live that yo hot enough snow for that big of a snowman. Second, how clever to take your snowman with you wherever you go…
Personally, I think a snowman is the car decoration for 2010. I’m only wishing I had one. I hope you enjoy the picture as well.
Happy hood ornaments!

4 thoughts on “>You Mean You DON’T Have a Snowman on Your Car?

  1. >One of my friends in Beirut said it is a Lebanese status symbol. Those privileged ones who are able to head to the hills for snow bring back a snowman on the car to say "See how cool and rich we are?"

  2. >My sister lives near Minneapolis. They are getting 14 inches today. I should tell her to put a snowman on her van, and see if anyone admires her. At this point in the winter, I believe most Minnesotans are ready to shoot snowmen. Great picture, cousin Bean!

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