>Strolling Through the Aisles of An American Pharmacy… in Amman?

>So, CousinBean has been hit with the inevitable minor case of fluidity. As it was 11:00 at night when she let us know, we headed over to our neighborhood pharmacy. It was, as expected, closed. El 3atal heard, during a meeting today, about Pharmacy 1’s newest location. It is on Mecca Street across from Hamley’s right at the walking bridge. It was billed as the largest pharmacy in town (not something that impresses me) and the first one to separate the pharmacy from the convenience style store (something that could impress me). We figured we might as well check it out. It was well worth the trip.

The store was brightly lit, well organized, and clean. The staff were polite and helpful. Really, I have only nice things to say about it (well, they could post their hours of operation, but…). They have well marked products, signs to show you what is on each aisle. In fact, given that the aisles are low enough to see over leaving the store looking bright and open, I think it surpasses your average Walgreen’s or CVS. They have good product selection and even, gasp, have vitamins for kids that are chewable but not gummy. All in all, I was pleased. Oh, and until the new bank next door opens, there is plentiful parking directly in front. I highly recommend the experience. If you’re craving a stroll down the aisles of a store that makes you feel like you’re in the US, check it out…

Happy strolling!


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