>Crimes Against the State…

>Sigh. Another disgusting story is in the paper today. Another daughter slaughtered. Another sentence reduction because the victim’s (and perpetrator’s) father dropped charges. Will we ever learn? This crime is not a crime against one person. It is a crime against the state. Hear me again, this is a crime against all of Jordan, not one victim, one family, one person.

Back in my college years, MimiBean had an unsettling experience where an oversexed teenager from down the street broke into our home at night with a knife planning to abuse her. Through a bizarre set of circumstances, she surprised him coming into the house, delivered an ineffective, but apparently frightening, karate kick to the fellow out of surprise. She recognized him as a neighbor and immediately called the police. That evening she gave a statement. At no point was she asked if she would like to press charges or drop charges. She wasn’t charging him, the state was. And did.
You see, the state recognizes that someone who has so little control as to attempt such a thing is not only a danger to the intended victim, but to all of society. How much more dangerous is someone who has proven that they have no respect for the sanctity of life? If you can take a life, the life of your SISTER, what can you not do? Is there any boundary you wouldn’t cross? How can you draw a line after this? So, again I ask, what will it take for Jordan to wake up and protect all of its citizens, rather than murderers? I love my adopted home, but in this it is seriously wrong-minded and wrong hearted… Stop these crimes against the state. Make Jordan a safe place for ALL its citizens to live. And, by the way, while the fact that this latest victim was sexually untouched makes the case even more sad, frankly, in the state’s protection of her and of society it shouldn’t matter one whit, now should it?
Sad criminals…

5 thoughts on “>Crimes Against the State…

  1. >Hi Momma Bean… the idea of "crimes against the state" is something I have talked about since the idea obviously doesn't exist here.About that – I have been told that it is Islamic in origin: a crime will not be punished if the offended drops the charges.

  2. >dis "Honor crimes" are outrageous crimes against humanity itself, when one person is the judge and jury and executioner at the same time, a decision usually made under the influence of Stupidity… @emigrant2immigrant those crimes don't fall under that category in Islamic law, in Islam if you kill a person with no just cause, its as if you have killed all of humanity, if someone insults you, yes you can forgive them and they will not be punished. 🙂

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