>The Check Is In The Mail… Frenzy-inciting Quran burner to get $200K bill for police protection services…

>And in a turn that reflects a certain poetic justice, the Dove World Outreach (do I ask the obvious question about which part of the world he’s actually reaching out to?) Center wants to move out of its current location. However, the police and sheriff’s office want him to pay for the extra presence required by his ill-conceived and un-Christian planned protest. The full article, found here, details the preparations made by the local law enforcement bodies.

The small-mindedness of the idea in the first place is one thing, but to create such an uproar and finish with such a whimper is a bit crazy to me. Somehow I have a feeling that the media attention paid to his poorly thought-out scheme took him by surprise. He didn’t reckon with an entire country (heck, a whole world) being against him. And, in the taking of flowers to the Orthodox church last week, the Muslim community in Jordan showed that a respectful, well-thought out response makes all the differences. Eschewing the rioting and uproar, this group understood that it was one man, seemingly either off his rocker or deeply involved in a publicity stunt gone wrong, not the Christian community of the US who were undertaking this travesty. Kudos to those who were able to keep cool heads and to those high-placed figures who spoke against the plan. And double kudos to the local governments who are implementing the American system with this church. They need to take responsibility for (and pay for) their actions…
Happy Responsibility!

4 thoughts on “>The Check Is In The Mail… Frenzy-inciting Quran burner to get $200K bill for police protection services…

  1. >Heh-heh. With free speech comes both responsibility and consequences. Wait until the IRS audits. He may find his 15 days of infamy are quite expensive. The Lord has a way of exposing those who mis-use His name.

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