>A Little Slice of Merry Old England in Jordan…

>So tonight the Beans and I went to a lovely high school production of Robin Hood. A very fine friend invited us along thinking that we would enjoy it. I enjoyed twice as much when I discovered (on arrival) that it was a musical. Each of the Beans had a favorite character, which I find adorable. Maid Marian was a favorite of both girls. JuniorBean enjoyed the Sheriff of Nottingham’s wife (a very talented young man who performed his role in true Shakespearean tradition). JujuBean’s second favorite was Friar Tuck, who was admirably rendered in all his (substantial) glory.

For me, my favorite was actually the Sheriff. The young man who played him was quite talented. As an exceptionally acted counterpoint to the Sheriff’s sniveling ways, Lady Merle was in her element. This couple of characters were forceful stage presences. And, the best musical performer by far was, appropriately enough, the minstrel.
So to the young men and women who took part in the play tonight, kudos! You did an exceptional job and should be very proud of yourselves. I assure you, it was an evening’s entertainment that was a bargain at twice the price!
Happy Anglophiles!

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