Double Bonus: Recycling that Requires No Effort and Wins Friends…

So, in honor of earth day yesterday (yeah I kind of missed the whole thing, sigh), I thought I’d talk about a great idea for recycling.  In times past, very recent times, I would pile all of our aluminum cans into the trunk of the car on grocery day and take them to recycle through Entity Green over at Cozmo.  However, a couple of months ago I was taking a particularly big bunch over and had a funny conversation with our local trash man.  He came and asked if the cans were ready to go.  I said no, I’d handle them.

It got me thinking.  Was he simply going to throw them in the trashcan?  Would he recycle them and get a bonus on his income?  What was the plan.  Last week I had El 3atal ask him about it.  Would he be throwing those cans away?  Could he recycle them and get money for them?  We ascertained that he would, indeed, be supplementing his income, not throwing them into the trash.  Excellent news.  Now, instead of loading up the cans and taking them over to Cozmo, we give them to our orange jump-suited cleanliness patrol (who does a bang up job with a great attitude, by the way).  He gets extra cash, which makes me happier about the entire situation and I avoid adding a stop on to an already long and annoying grocery trip.  Double bonus!  What are you doing to help the earth?  Any good ideas that require limited effort?

Happy Zabbaal!

2 thoughts on “Double Bonus: Recycling that Requires No Effort and Wins Friends…

  1. Great idea! Our local scavengers don’t pick the trash apart, so we put the recyclables in a seperate bag and hang it on the trash can. For our orange-suited guy, we give clothes suitable for his family and household sundries (and the two freebie mushroom soup packets that come from the IndMie Onion Chicken boxes, since the kounuz think they are yucky)

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