The Lure of Super Mario Brothers through the Generations…

El 3atal grew up playing Super Mario Brothers 3.  The had a Nintendo and this was definitely his favorite game.  We didn’t have a Nintendo… we had a TI (Texas Instruments).  Ours was like the worst “computer” games you could find.  But even as late as our wedding in Amman (nearly 15 years ago now), the old Nintendo was a featured favorite time waster.  We came to find out that when El 3atal was off at college, TetaBean would sneak in and play the Nintendo as well.  Finally, after years and years of abuse, TetaBean admitted defeat and got rid of the defunct Nintendo.  El 3atal still mourns its loss…

At least, he did until (dum-dum-dum), he found Super Mario Brothers 3 available as an on-line game.  The same old early tech graphics, the same sounds effects.  The only difference is that you use a computer keyboard instead of the old controllers.  How, you may ask, did he discover this treasure trove available online?  Well, HelperBean found Super Mario Brothers and got JuniorBean hooked.  Once El 3atal saw that he realized surely someone would have put 3 on-line.  One Google search later, he had his game.  He introduced JuniorBean to the wonders of saving the Princess in the castle and now, he is steadily making his way through the levels.

A new common refrain in the house is “Where’s Baba? I need him to show me something on this level.”  It seems that the fun is never ending.  As a Mom, my job just got harder.  It was hard enough to monitor screen time and ensure that we weren’t overdoing it.  Now, we’re in double (or triple I guess)  trouble.  Part of me thinks it’s as cute as it could possibly be.  The other part knows that this spells trouble.  But, we’ll make it through this as we do everything else… one day at a time.

Happy Generations!


3 thoughts on “The Lure of Super Mario Brothers through the Generations…

  1. Please relay to El 3atel that I completely relate. Around age 19-20 (that would be 1989 and 1990), an entire group of friends would sit together nights and weekends taking turns playing Mario while the others watched, criticized technique and gave advice. All this while drinking, at that. To this day, whenever I see a member from that set of friends, I hear the theme music in my head: “Doo doo doo, doo-doo-doo-doo, doo dco doo doo…” (and crave beer).

    Then in the mid-90’s I bought a refurbished Ninetendo and the Mario games again and enjoyed that immensely until the Nintendo died. I mourned the loss.

    Now, my little guy has found the online Mario as well. Normally, when he’s playing video games and asks for help, I answer, “I don’t know anything about that, ask your father. Or your cousin.” But Mario? Little guy got pushed out of the way so that I could “show” him how to play. :-)))

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