What Leads to Success, Yet Another TEDx Inspired Post

One of the TED videos that we saw at the Ramallah event was a presentation by Richard St. John on success.  You can watch the whole video (it’s about 3 minutes long) here.  basically, he spent 7 years doing research among leaders and visionaries to understand what they felt made them successful.  He distilled it into 8 things and here they are:

  1. Passion: This is one that I see is missing most of the time.  I see employees in businesses, executives in companies, and people in general spending lots of time doing things they aren’t passionate about in businesses they aren’t passionate about.
  2. Work: The respondents agreed that success requires lots of hard work, but they have lots of fun doing it.  Richard dubs them work-a-frolics rather than workaholics.  This is because they have so much fun doing all of this hard work.  Imagine, fun doing hard work.  That comes from passion.
  3. Good: You have to do something until you get good at it.  Malcolm Gladwell says you have to do something for 12,000 hours to become an expert at it.  So, that tells you how much practice you need.  Get out there and do!
  4. Focus: You must be focused.  Through all sorts of setbacks and challenges, you have top retain focus.
  5. Push: You need to push yourself.  Constantly.  And, when you aren’t able to do that anymore, that’s why Moms were invented, according to St. Clair.
  6. Serve: You have to serve others.  Millionaires are people who serve others by providing them something of value.  Want to be a millionaire?  That’s what you need to focus on, serving others.  This is often particularly difficult.  We are so focused on what WE want and need that we lose out on serving others.
  7. Ideas: You have to have good ideas.  You don’t necessarily have to have ground-breaking ideas, just good ones.
  8. Persist: You have to keep going.  Even through all the CRAP that is thrown at you.  CRAP, of course, according to St. Clair is Criticism, Rejection, Assholes, and Pressure.  Very apt and fitting if you ask me.  Although I’d likely add self-doubt to that list.
So, now you know how to be successful, What is your biggest stumbling block?  Which one gives you the most trouble?  Do you find some easier to manage than others? It would be interesting to find out if these same 8 keys hold true in the region.  Let me know what you think.
Happy Success!

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