Are You An Animal? Zoo on Parade today at City Mall

To the fellow who thought today that City Mall food court Pizza Hut is the right place to bring your nasty cancer stick…  and the right place to refuse to put it out, shame on you.  And to the young man who works there, shame on you as well.  To the fine folks who own the franchise and whom I would like to support in thanks for their support of Little League, missed opportunity for you.  I would recommend that you work on training your people on how to say to someone very nicely (or not so nicely), “Sir, in order to be served, you will need to put out your cigarette.”  Especially as right now, I’m inspired to boycott Pizza Hut altogether for quite some time… And to the original fellow who inspired my post, yes you are an animal.  Humans show care and consideration for others.  If you can’t do that (and I’m including your little 3 year old as well, mind you), then you clearly have not graduated past the animal kingdom.  If it offends you, not so sorry to be frank.  Until Jordan learns to make a law and take it seriously by fining the establishment that allows its customers to break the law, it will remain solidly in the third world.  Grrrr.  As for me, I think I simply need to go back to my mall avoidance policy.  I hate them (especially City Mall) and this solidifies their non-family friendly atmosphere.  No more letting the kids badger me into trips to Jingo’s Jungle.  We’ll stay home at Bean Jungle and enjoy ourselves much more.

Mad Mommies!


7 thoughts on “Are You An Animal? Zoo on Parade today at City Mall

  1. Do you know in the eighties during special occasions people in Irbid used to put open cigarette boxes, of different brands, on the coffee table? I kid you not. This abnormal hospitality behavior used to be done in houses and in Madhafat (places where tribes congregate). The open cigarette boxes are put on a tray or a candy tray-like and the guest would choose a cigarette from the different brands same as a child would choose a candy. Alhamdulilah, this thing is no longer practiced after Jordan’s economic crisis in 1989. Cigarettes become too expensive to offer for guests.
    A culture like this still needs long time to respect the choice of others not to smoke and feel disgusted by the smell of the smoke.
    Unfortunately, non-smokers in Jordan are minority. If ministers and government officials smoke in closed public places and in their houses in front of their children it will be almost impossible to follow the law of banning smoking in closed places.
    We can’t educate children not to smoke when parents send their children to minimarkets to buy them cigarettes or when they see their teachers smoke outside schools.
    But I still hope the younger generation is smarter and know more about the danger of smoking so they stay away from this bad habit.

  2. Go down to the main Courthouse in Abdali (Palace of Justice) and you will see big wall mounted signs warning all not to smoke or suffer the consequences. Under these signs you will find lawyers, judges, police officers and citizens smoking nonchalantly without a care in the world. And you expect some consideration? You must think you’re in Sweden or Denmark. Where the Arab mob goes, head the opposite direction.

    • Jaraad, yeah, I know. But you know, in the US in the 1970s you could smoke anywhere too. People kept saying non-smokers are the minority. But we passed laws and pushed their enforcement and now you have entire smoke-free cities. Somehow that minority became a majority. I suspect it was all along, just it didn’t seem like it with vile smoke everywhere. 😉 Oh, and educating children is one of the best things we can do. After all, every Mom can tell you how awesome they are at pestering their parents into doing things. Imagine the force of that will turned on getting mom and dad to stop smoking or to smoke outside. They wouldn’t stand a chance!

      Joe, Indeed. That is what frustrates me. However, let me illustrate a difference. Two times ago when I came into the airport, when we got down to baggage claim, some random guy lit up a cigarette. I looked at him, smiled and said it’s illegal to smoke here, that’s why they have those rooms, pointing to the smoker’s closet. He smiled and went to the room to finish his cigarette. And, El 3atal pointed it out to another fellow waiting on a plane and he complained, but put it out. The difference is in response. If you want to smoke illegally, it makes you a wiener. If you refuse to put out your cigarette when asked, it makes you… well, I’ll reserve that language for off-line ;).

  3. I couldn’t agree more! At a recent local Easter egg hunt, some man burned my child on the skin between his nose and eye and he tear duct. I was livid, and really just wanted to take the cigarette and burn this “animal” in a very sensitive area. Who would smoke this day in age when we know what it does to you? Who would smoke around 200+ kids? That is truly one of the things I miss most about the US, when a sign says “NO SMOKING” it means NO SMOKING! I think a monetary fine should be in order here.

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