Deep Thoughts, with… ButterBean?

So, today was TetaBean’s birthday celebration (her actual birthday was a few days ago, but we got together today).  Yesterday JujuBean had a birthday party in the building next door, so JuniorBean and ButterBean visited with Teta and JiddoBean and had a lovely time.  At any rate, ButterBean conceived of a “game” that the family could play together.  For her birthday, TetaBean was give some chocolates that came in lovely little envelopes.

After lunch today, we headed back to Teta and JiddoBean’s place for dessert and the game was unveiled.  Basically, each person selected an envelope and then all at the same time,w e opened them.  Inside some were chocolates.  Inside the others were sweet little writings from ButterBean.  No one knew which one they’d gotten until the envelopes were opened.  Some of her inspirational writings included the following:

  1. You are a cute as a bunny rabbit.
  2. You shine as brite as a star (her spelling, not mine.  I’m blaming the Lite Brite.).
  3. I love you so much.
  4. You are as funny as a joke.
  5. You are as cute as a clown.
Everyone who got a writing was pleased.  The second round, those who got chocolates picked writings and vice versa.  So, it was something sweet to the mouth and something sweet to the mind for each person.  I actually think it’s a great game idea.  ButterBean asked for all of the envelopes so that she could make another game like it for her class.  Can’t wait to hear how that goes!  Here’s wishing you deep thoughts of love and inspiration!
Happy Games!

4 thoughts on “Deep Thoughts, with… ButterBean?

  1. Butter bean was simply adorable and lots of fun to be with. She and her little brother made my day. We enjoyed listening to beautiful music on u tubes too and had lovely discussions.

    Butter Bean’s positive attitude is simply remarkable and it is quite noticeable that she gets this from her upbringing from her lovely parents. Wish many parents will take the same lead with their children. Bless you all.

  2. This is so sweet, her loving and affirming heart is a joy to know. May the Lord protect and increase her capacity to love others well and bring joy to those around her. (a lot like her mom and Teta :D)

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