Are You Freaky Like Me?

So, there’s a song out just now that features this very question.  I am not suggesting that anyone listen to or go out and find the song. The rest of the words are not what I’d want to put in anyone’s head (it’s a pretty nasty song, actually).  But it inspired a thought in me about the way that each of us is freaky.  You know, those little weirdnesses that make you, well… you.

Are you the guy who has to have his shoes lined up properly before he can sleep?  Does your world revolve around fantasy football?  Are you passionately worried about the environment?  Do you think that global warming is a falsehood?  What are your weirdnesses?

Each of us is a unique person with our own set of experiences and our own freakiness.  I have an aunt who wears moon boots on airplanes, in case they crash.  I love her just the same, but it’s her own little freaky.  And, to me, that’s what it’s all about.  It’s not about finding someone who isn’t crazy (or freaky). It’s about finding someone who can live with your crazy and you with theirs.  Because, and this may surprise some folks, all of us are crazy.  We each have our own little brand of craziness.  We have to find someone to spend our lives with who isn’t driven crazy by our crazy.  In the best world, they are even made a better person because of freakiness.  I’m this way with El 3atal’s OCD tendencies.  They make me a more organized and neater person.

So, for all of you who are single, pay attention to this.  What is your potential spouse’s freakiness and can you live with it, better yet can you love it?  Because that’s what marriage is about to me.  It’s about finding the right person who is freaky like you…

Happy freak-show!


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