Time to Toss Out Your TV!

I came across this article this morning (am I a sucker for headlines or what?!) and found it interesting.  Apparently, among the top 7 things you don’t need anymore is a TV.  Who knew?  The author quotes a survey that only 42% of people think a TV is necessary.  In the 18-29 age bracket that number is barely half as high.  Noting that people are watching on-line and on smartphones, apparently, the TV is just plain out of style.  Now, that is in America, of course.  I can’t imagine that the polled numbers would come anywhere near that in Jordan.

In part, internet penetration is not super-high yet in Jordan.  While everyone that I know has a computer, the statistics in the past don’t track that way.  In 2010, internet usage was a paltry 27.2% (compared with the US’ 77.3%).  When you add to this the fact that many sites will not distribute content to Jordan (I’m certain this has nothing to do with the ready availability of any movie or TV show in the balad for 1 JD), people here don’t have as many options as Americans do.  While you can view some shows on-line either using your laptop or a smartphone, many programs are in the range of unavailable.

Regardless, however, of internet penetration, I find I’m old-fashioned.  Mind you, I’m old-fashioned about books and TV.  If I want to see a TV show, it is as part of a community experience.  I watch TV with El 3atal.  And while I have some shows that I record and watch alone, the main ones are ones we see together.  We watch them, then discuss them.  If not for that, I’m not convinced I wouldn’t just read a book.  And, no, I don’t mean read an e-book on my Kindle.  I’m an old-fashioned gal there too.  I like my books on paper, easy-to-hold and portable.  So, for me, on-line TV shows are unlikely to replace my TV set anytime soon.  And, happily, in Jordan it’s unlikely to become the fashionable trend, anyway…

Happy Obsolescence!


8 thoughts on “Time to Toss Out Your TV!

    • Well, that depends on your dedication to the couch potato lifestyle. I mean, both laptops and smartphones can be used on a couch… although it would be a rather pathetic sight ;).

  1. Laptops and smartphones need a minimum of effort and concentration which violates the definition of a couch potato of no physical effort and no brain activity.

  2. couch potatoes are incapable of multitasking, omnitasking, or monotasking. If they do, then they relinquish the couch potato designation.

    • You have a seriously limited view of couch potatoes, dude. What is that about?! I’ll bow to your (obviously) superior knowledge on the matter of couch potato designation…

  3. If you are using your lap top, tablet or smart phone to watch movies or television shows then you are most certainly meeting the couch potato definition. So I guess it all depends on what are you using these gadgets for! If for instance you are completing your federal emplyment 16 page application form online or preparing your annual itemized deductions for your your 1040 tax form, i could see that there would be some kind of brain activity there and consequently a violation of the couch potato definition.so yeah i guess it can go either way and you would still be considered an adherent.

    • Actually, on our household both items are used to play games while watching TV. I don’t think that violates the couch potato agreement. In fact, I think it makes it more potato-ish ;).

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