Amman Adventures: Taxiing to School…

So this morning, we went out to find that the Beanmobile is not working.  I suspect a dead battery.  Mind you, the Beanmobile always decided not to function when El 3atal is out of town…  Sigh.  Anyway, I took my stuff back to the house (because I am simply not committed enough to take the kids to school then take a taxi to the gym and then another one home…) and we walked up to the nearest decent-sized road.  We quickly found a taxi (thank goodness!) and were on our way.  The Beans were cute as always.  JujuBean was asking all kinds of questions about the insides (why are there silver things on the floor (this taxi was tricked out with cool floor carpets (if you can call a metallic floor cover a carpet)) of the taxi.  JuniorBean was excited about all of the cars going by and enjoying watching the scenery outside of the car.  ButterBean was sitting on my lap simply enjoying herself.

During the ride, I was reminded of an observation I’ve made before and that E 3atal holds as true.  The cleaner the taxi, the better the ride.  What we have found is that taxi drivers who take the time to ensure that their taxi is washed and clean inside tend to be much nicer and more professional.  This morning, I took 2 separate taxis.  Both were spotless.  And I mean spotless.  Both inside and out, they were clean, neat, no cigarette butts lying about.  The drivers were polite and didn’t try to chat me up (much appreciated I assure you).  All in all, both rides were pleasant experiences.  The second one even tried to insist on giving me back the change (jingly type) that I was leaving him as a tip.  He passed my test for sure.  The guys who try to keep the change as if they deserve it get asked for the baaqi (remainder).  Those who don’t often get to keep it.  So, to the two taxi drivers out bright and early this morning who deposited the Beans at school and me back at Bayt Bean (Bean House), thank you and ya 3ateek el 3aafi!  You give taxi drivers in Amman a good name.  Keep up the great work!

Happy Adventures!


4 thoughts on “Amman Adventures: Taxiing to School…

  1. I laughed at the “Beanmobile” thing. That was very funny. It seems you can easily now use “bean” as suffixes and prefixes. You have no shortage of creating new bean words 🙂
    So, what is going on back home. Is it a Taxi driver week thing? Kinzi posted a story about a nice taxi driver and now this one.
    Taxi drivers should know it is a customer service business. The better the ride, the better the business.

    • Ahhh, Jaraad, indeed endless Beanabilities! :). No idea what it is with the taxi thing. The challenge is that while it is a customer service business, if they make you mad, it’s not likely to affect them since it’s a one time thing with you. But I am always glad when I find the stand-up guys who do a good job. Oh, and I make sure to tip them for their trouble…

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