Is This the Fate of the Dead Sea?

I stumbled on to this article about a salt lake in Iran that has been drying up year after year.  This group of pictures helps illustrate what is happening.  Seeing the family out for a walk on the salt made me wonder if we will be seeing the same phenomenon in just a few years?  After all, the diversion of the river that feeds the Dead Sea has created a similar issue.  The Dead Sea is shrinking.  And, while groups are concerned, alarm isn’t where I sense it should be.

As people, somehow we always wait until after the point of no return to realize what it is we have given away…  We lose species and places rarely mourning their loss.  For me, I will definitely mourn the Dead Sea should we prove not to be up to the challenge of keeping it alive, as it were.  It is a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience that should not be missed.  I will be sad if it is no more…

Happy Shrinkage?


3 thoughts on “Is This the Fate of the Dead Sea?

  1. There is a project to join the Dead Sea with the Red Sea but I have no clue on specifics or if the project has gone past the talking stage as most projects around the neighborhood.

    • Joe, I’ve heard about the project, however, I’m not sure if the right type of impact studies have been done. The Jordan River put fresh water into the Sea. Something tells me that introducing salt water isn’t going to do the same thing…

      And, as I was typing shrinkage, I was thinking of George Costanza… great minds apparently think alike.

  2. On a lighter note, the word shrinkage reminds me of George Costanza (Seinfeld) when he complains of shrinkage as his date walks in on him after he comes out of the water.

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