How Can You Tell An Optimist?

For quite some time, I’ve been amused by various sayings about the difference between optimism and pessimism (or realism depending on what you call it).  Today I was thinking about them and one of the seemed so particularly appropriate for Jordan that I thought I’d post it.  In fact, I’ll post a few.

The difference ‘twixt an optimist and pessimist is droll, the optimist sees the doughnut… the pessimist the whole.

I love this one.  After all, who wouldn’t love combining age old life-lessons and yummy pastries?  I worked in a bakery for a summer and I assure you, there is not much that is glamorous about either doughnuts or their holes ;).

The glass isn’t half empty or half full… it’s just halfway to another beer.

I call this one on the side of optimism myself.  I mean, after all, you assume there will be another beer coming (which is good if you drink beer).

And the one that came to mind this morning is this…

The difference between the optimist and realist is that upon coming to a one way street, the optimist looks one way, the realist… BOTH!

You can’t tell me the last one isn’t 100% Jordan…  Lovin’ it.

Happy Optimism!


6 thoughts on “How Can You Tell An Optimist?

  1. Half full or half empty. There was a British comedy in the 70’s called “Love thy neighbor” where the characters gathered at the pub. One old timer never ordered any beer for himself but waited until someone from his table bought a round and he would yell out… “I’ll have half” except that his glass was a quart while everyone else had a pint.

  2. Actually, PBS in the USA have plenty of Britcoms. My favorite is “Are you Being Served” where the gang at Grace Bros try to move up the career ladder while making the sale to the public. The episode they try to sell long pants to an Arab Sheik’s harem is a classic as well as “German Week”. I also like “Keeping Up Appearances” and there was “Doctor at Large” and “The Doctors” in the 70s and “Mind Your language” in the 80s. Very intelligent and very funny.

    • Joe, indeed El 3atal introduced me to Are You Being Served. It’s possible it was playing in the US when it was actually running, but if it was I never saw it. Nowadays they do seem to have lots of Britcoms on TV. The rest of your list, I haven’t seen… If I had highbrow tastes I call myself an elitist, but it’s actually more the opposite. The shows I get hooked on are in two primary categories, crime and investigation (you know, Bones, Criminal Minds, anything on Discovery ID) and oddball “surreality” shows (Master Chef, Clean House, Border Security, and such). Talk about eclectic but weird taste…

  3. In Washington DC and NOVA where I call home, Sunday evenings are Britcom nights on WMPT where they still show “Are You Being Served” to this day with other shows like “Keeping Up Appearances”. You must be a CSI fan, then but aren’t we all.

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