Longing for Home… An Arab Voice Sings It Best

So, I’m certain that everyone who has lived far from home has had feelings of homesickness.  When I lived in Philadelphia for a couple of years, I definitely felt it.  Living in Jordan, I feel it some as well.  In fact, I was watching a program that showed about 15 seconds of a neighborhood in America that looked like where we lived before we moved.  I was moved to tears, even though I’m not all that homesick here.  I suspect there are two reasons for this.  First, I’ve found an amazing group of ladies who are dear friends and feel like home when we get together.  Second, Jordan IS home.  I am one of those fortunate people who gets to have two homes.  But there are those moments when unexpected glimpses of the life we used to live can catch me off guard with poignant memories.  Now, my foreign readers very well may not have heard of the singers whose song I’m putting here.  She’s not one of the regularly beloved singers here like Umm Kulthum and Fariouz.  But, for my money, she’s the best.  And she knows about homesickness.  She knows about loneliness.  Listen to this song and even if you don’t get the words, you’ll hear the longing and love and sadness in her voice.

If it’s your first time hearing her, meet Dalida.  An Italian-Egyptian who moved to France and gained popularity.  She eventually committed suicide, sadly, and we are deprived of her voice.  Read the words (in English) of this song and you’ll perhaps understand the depth of feeling here.

A kind word, two more kind words for my country
A sweet song, two more sweet songs for my country

My hope was always, my country
To return to you, my country
To always be near you

All those memories from the past
Still remain with me, my country

My heart is filled with your stories
Memories of you, my country

My first love was in my country
She is impossible to forget

What happened to those days?
Before I left you
When we use to say is impossible
To be apart

Each tear that falls to my cheek
Is filled with hope of us being together
On the shores of your sea of love

Words courtesy of Tribe found here.

I was listening to one of her other songs in French and was put in mind of Karen Carpenter (another life cut tragically short). I thought it was an odd connection to make and then went over to listen to a Carpenters song.  As soon as I did, I got it.  There’s something in the tonal quality and beautifully pure voice that makes them similar.  AT any rate, I hope you enjoy…

Happy Longings!


6 thoughts on “Longing for Home… An Arab Voice Sings It Best

  1. As nice as this song is, I can only associate it with Syrian State TV as they use it ad infinitum to promote Syria and tourism in Syria. Of course, these are the same people that are killing their own people labeling them as troublemakers and provocateurs. Now Syrian army deserters claim that Iranians and Hezbullah are leading these attacks against Syrians and any Syrian soldier who doesn’t fire on Syrian civilians will be shot himself. What a way to promote tourism.

    • Joe, since I haven’t seen any Syrian state TV, I don’t have that bias. But clearly, she’s singing it about Egypt regardless of how Syria may have wanted to claim it… And indeed, not a good ad for tourism just now is it?

  2. I love Dalida’s songs, especially this one. It has a whole different feeling when one is away from home. Don’t you just love YouTube 🙂 Name a song and it is there.

    • Jaraad, I’m with you on accounts. Love Dalida. New and poignant meaning when away from home. Love you tube because you can find most anything. Glad this one was meaningful to you ;).

  3. Other notable Dalida songs…

    Paroles – duet with French actor Alain Delon
    Salma Ya Salama
    Gigi L’Amoroso

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