Why Is Jordan’s Consumer Goods Motto “If It Ain’t Broke… Change It?” Fine Tissues, You’re Killing Me Here!

I’ve had a recurring experience since living in Jordan.  The Beans and I find a product we like after much searching.  We become very brand loyal and then the brand changes one of the key features of the product.  It happened again in the last 2 weeks.  Fine Tissues, which are a far cry from my beloved Puffs Plus but serve the purpose nicely for all that, has decided in their infinite wisdom to add perfume to ALL their tissues.  I had hoped that I either had a bad batch or grabbed the wrong one two weeks ago.  So, I picked up a different box, the kind I’ve been using for 5 years.  No joy… still perfumed.  So, I ask you, why would someone who has either a cold or allergies want scented tissues?  The scent irritates the nasal passages.

It’s pretty sad when you have to hold your breath in order to blow your nose.  Sigh.  The worst thing is that the box is still the same, it doesn’t indicate that it has a new (unimproved) formula.  Nothing.  Very frustrating.  So, I think I’ll have to begin the search for new tissues.  The awful ones JiddoBean brought I hated.  They didn’t pull properly (see masses of torn tissues in your mind’s eye), blew holes with a mildly vigorous nose-blow, and left flaky bits of tissue everywhere.  Yuck.  I told El 3atal, I may actually have to pay the price for Kleenex.  Bummer.

Mind you, this isn’t the first time we’ve had this problem.  We used to use Nabil Chicken Pops when we first moved here.  Then one week, they became Nabil Hot and Spicy Pops.  The Beans wouldn’t eat them.  We used Nabil turkey hot dogs until they become hot and spicy dogs.  And this last week, the chicken hot dogs were spicy for them.  I think someone over at Nabil wants to become Jordan’s new home of hot and spicy.  I’m hoping the chicken hot dogs were a fluke and will be back to normal soon.  Otherwise, we might have to give up on them too.  If so, I’ll be down to zero Nabil products because of their infatuation with hot and spicy.

So, here’s my request… Nuqul, Nabil, and other Jordan manufacturers.  Stop changing the products we know and don’t hate.  If you keep up on this route, I’ll be buying ridiculously priced direct imports for everything just so I know that if they change something they’ll put it on the darn package.  Sigh.

Happy Status Quo!


13 thoughts on “Why Is Jordan’s Consumer Goods Motto “If It Ain’t Broke… Change It?” Fine Tissues, You’re Killing Me Here!

  1. Jordan is such a small sized market that brand loyalty is not an issue. Also, the majority tend to look for the cheapest product, not the best. Quality is not a primary factor as long as the product doesn’t kill you so standards are mediocre unfortunately. As for food, this is an incentive to cook more at home and not bother with the processed variety.

    • Joe, yeah I know what you mean. But in reality, they should be worried about brand loyalty. My other choice is not to buy the cheapest… So they really are losing out (not to mention that I buy 6 boxes a week!). And we do cook at home, but on Fridays, it’s easiest for HelperBean to get hot dogs ready to go before she heads out for her day out… sigh. Oh, and we did sliced turkey before they changed that. Maybe I’ll just have to buy the turkeys and we’ll have to cook them ourselves. Somehow I don’t think that’ll last ;).

  2. “If it is not broken, don’t try to fix it” is something I heard for the first time here in the US and it is a golden rule. I like it and it actually makes a lot of sense.
    I can’t claim that I know how Jordanian companies run their businesses but I feel they don’t do lots of surveys and research before producing their prototypes. If for any reason it is because what Joe mentioned; 90% (I just throw a number here) of Jordanians look for the cheapest product because they can’t afford quality. This of course doesn’t mean that companies should settle for this low quality and stop the competition. Although, Fine has been in business for decades yet they fail to acknowledge their loyal consumer that made changes to the product. A simple merchant would keep both products and see which one sells more.
    Out of curiosity, how much is the difference between Fine and Kleenex? Is Kleenex imported or made in Jordan?

    • Jaraad, I never actually looked at the Kleenex. I think it’s an import and it isn’t my fave in the US. So, I figured I’d go for the local brand. You know, support local and all that (in addition to the price). But when they do away with a plain tissue, guess I’ll be checking out the Kleenex. Sigh.

  3. To all the very loyal or less loyal customers of ours, we do regret the inconvenience. We normally offer unscented tissue in all markets except Egypt where the market demands scent. When we offer scent we clearly differentiate the pack design and mention the scent. We will therefore say it is Oud, Bakhour , or menthol (tried our pocket menthol yet? I believe it is awesome.
    The reason you got scented tissues is a mistake that we already addressed but not before it is too late. We do apologize for the mistake and take full responsibility for it. I will make no excuses or bore you with how it happened.
    Going forward the norm is unscented, the exception is the scented. Next month we hope to launch 3 new fragrances. As a reward for your loyalty I will let you know before the rest of the market what they are: Strawberry, Lemon and Peach. The box will feature the fruit and the tissue itself will be colored (pink, yellow and peach respectively) If you need to learn more or have other valuable concerns drop an email, for we do indeed care for customer loyalty.

    • Salim, thanks so much for your reply. I was sure you must care about customer loyalty and I did give you the benefit of the doubt. I had a feeling this was a QA issue rather than an intentional change. It’s nice to know that if I can ever use up these boxes I’ll be able to get the normal ones. Or is there a way you can replace unused scented ones? Given my allergy to nearly every scent producing agent, I avoid scented anything. Even the Beans and El 3atal complained about this one. So, I’m thrilled to hear that our tried and true will be back. Any idea of when I can be assured that what’s on the shelves are the right ones? I don’t want to buy another 6 pack and get more scented ones that are simply stocked from the back room. Sigh. Again, it’s ncie to see company CEOs getting out there and meeting us where we are!

    • Salim, thanks. I actually looked and realized that we were down to our last two boxes of scented products ;). Not much use replacing them at that point. However, through other channels I heard from your marketing department. I expect to be blogging about the entire experience tomorrow. Thanks again!

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  5. Don’t all the perfumed tissues smell like the cheap cologne of shabaab?
    And the “hot and spicy” is probably to cover over the taste of bad meat.

    But good for Fine and their polite and helpful responses!

    -Abu Tulip

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