Teaching parts of speech through song… why’d we stop?!

So, when I was a kid, ABC had their Saturday morning specials.  They were cartoons and in between they had these awesome little vignettes, songs actually about the various parts of speech in English.  What American product of the 70s doesn’t remember Conjunction Junction?  For those not in the know (and what a deprived childhood you had), here it is.

It taught us about conjunction, which are words or phrases that tie things together (you know and and but).

But, they didn’t stop there, here’s one about adverbs. This was one my favorites. I loved me some Lolly, Lolly, Lolly…

And, then there’s the perennial favorite that ensured that wee Americans understood the process for getting bills passed through our legislature… I’m Just A Bill…

They had others about grammar in general, and interjections, and so on. These days the Beans learn in school about Naming Words and Describing Words instead of nouns and adjectives. And they learn about aaah, buh, cuh instead of ABC. I’m sure some bright person who knows oodles about education has done studies and shown it’s more effective… but I fail to see how you can spell out loud that way. In our house, we still call nouns nouns. We still call A… A. We don’t “dumb down” the terms because I’m positive the Beans have enough going on upstairs to get it and retain it. Oh, and of course I’ve introduced the Beans to Schoolhouse Rock. Because who can’t benefit from knowing what an adverb is as taught by Lolly, Lolly Sr., and Lolly III? So, for those who’ve never seen it, welcome to Schoolhouse Rock. And for those who’d forgotten, introduce your kids today!

Happy Parts of Speech!


2 thoughts on “Teaching parts of speech through song… why’d we stop?!

  1. Love it! You know, the minute I turn these on – even with all the years in between – I can still sing right along. Proof of the effectiveness when it sticks with us all of our lives!

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