What does your garden look like?

In the spirit of continuing our education this summer, the Beans and I are doing a series of different projects.  Today we did a science project, a word find (so reading sort of), and an art project.  The science project was pretty neat, although ours didn’t work out quite right.  Basically, it’s about floating grapes.  You make a sugar solution and float the grape in it as the grape is less dense than the sugar solution.  It sinks in the straight water.  But, it was supposed to float half-way through in the half sugar half pure water cup.  I think it was user error. The user, of course, is me.

We also did a garden themed word find.  The kids got to hear the names of flowers and veggies and then decide which they were.  They all did well.  Each took a different approach.  ButterBean looked for words and then found them on the list.  Junior Bean looked on the list, but found additional words as he was looking.  JujuBean looked solely at the list.  She took the longest ;).

Finally, our art project (during which I hoped to use up a bunch of dried rose petals, but was not successful), was creating a garden.  We made flowers and others things you might find in a garden.  Our garden has monsters (you know cookie monster (and a plate of cookies)), butterflies, flowers of all sorts including imaginary ones.  In short, it had everything a garden needs.  In deciding how to manage the garden, I thought of a flower-pot that had recently been emptied.  So, here is a glimpse at our garden…

Happy Flowering Imagination!


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