The Magic That Is An Embassy

So, yesterday we had the first opportunity to take the kids into the American embassy (yes, that’s right 5 years in).  As we walked in, I explained to the Beans that although it felt like we were in Jordan, we had actually been transported into America.  It was their first understanding of the fact that a country’s embassy is its own sovereign soil.  The funny thing, though, is that it actually is almost like you’re in America at the embassy club.

Between the pool (which reminds me of a nice US public pool) and the playground with real grass, you can forget for a moment that you are in Jordan.  And honestly, sometimes that’s nice.  It’s like a little world inside a bigger world.  I’m certain that the British embassy is the same and the new Saudi monstrosity that they are building in Abdoun will be the same as well.  Regardless, it is an interesting concept.  Going abroad without leaving home, who’d of thunk it?

The capstone to the evening was a lovely fireworks display.  It was the first time I’ve been that close to them.  They were going off over our heads, literally.  The sky was full of shiny fire that you could almost reach up and touch.  The Beans were a tad scared what with the loud noises and bright lights so close but I assured them they were perfectly safe.  I have to admit that this was called into some question when one of the remnants of the fireworks actually made it to the ground near where we were sitting.  At any rate, after it finished, ButterBean said, “It really was neat, Mommy.” Apparently the trauma won’t last long ;).  So, here are the Beans wishing you a Happy Independence Day (American). We missed you all in all of our red, white, and blue finery.  Hope it was grand!

Happy Space Between!


3 thoughts on “The Magic That Is An Embassy

  1. It ain’t American Soil unless there’s a Taco Bell open for business on the grounds. Happy 4th 2U2

    BTW, this week I bought my cherries from Food Town on Mecca St (Mecca Mall parking lot). Very good quality at JD 1.99/kg

    • Now, Joe, I have to say that you are likely correct on this. No Taco Bell… sigh. But we DID have excellent American hamburgers and hot dogs… Nice… I may have to check out those cherries.

      Max, Thanks so much. My kids actually love it here, maybe base on their ages when we came. For us, we recognize that we make sacrifices both ways, for sure ;). But, yes, 5 years is a definite milestone.

  2. Happy Independence day to you and to your family. My kids are so happy that they are no longer living in Jordan, every evening at least three times a week they start begging me not to take them back to Jordan. That is despite the fact that while they were living in Jordan (only one year) I made every effort to let them live the same life style or at least similar to the one one they were living in the States but that did not seem to have helped at all. I tip my hat to you for making it for 5 years, it is really a milestone.

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