A Little Fireworks Display Courtesy of MommaBean

Today is the day we celebrate Independence Day in America.  The 4th of July, as it is commonly known is the day that the US declared its independence from Britain.  All across America municipalities are putting up wonderful displays of fireworks for the denizens of their locales.  Last year, the Beans and I had the opportunity to see the very same fireworks display that I used to see as a child, albeit from a different vantage point.  When I was a wee bean, we would go on a boat with one of MemeBean’s sailing friends and watch the fireworks display from the middle of the lake.  That was a great experience.  Maybe in coming years, we’ll manage that one.  But in the meantime, enjoy the show we saw last year, sitting on the bank of the lake about 1 mile away.  Note, you have a double bonus with the videos… you get the cricket soundtrack and the Bean commentary!

I hope you enjoy the experience as much as we did…

Happy Independence Day!


5 thoughts on “A Little Fireworks Display Courtesy of MommaBean

  1. Unfortunately, many municipalities will not have the traditional fireworks display on the 4th due to budgetary constraints. Many Muni’s are running deficits and have scrapped the festivities because they can’t afford the fireworks themselves or the manpower for security. Most notable is the city of Chicago. It’s a different time and age.

    • Joe, what a shame… Actually the fireworks display I show is one that was done for years and years and years by a prominent local family. They launched them from their yard at the lake mansion… I don’t think they pay for it anymore, but last year it was as wonderful as ever. The part I show in the video is the middle few minutes. We also went and watched on the river in our former home. It’s a shame if they aren’t doing it anymore, but budgetary constraints are budgetary constraints…

  2. As an aside note, the location of this display was badly torn up and hit, perhaps by multiple tornados in the April outbreak. This year it is likely that a LOT of people were able to see the display MUCH better because there were no trees. The Children’s Harbor was especially hard hit, and it is right under where these fireworks were going off. Another note is that in our area, the weather has been SOOOO dry that there was a ban on fireworks. Our own little town banned the sale of fireworks, then allowed the sale because of the outcry of the sellers, but banned setting them off. Kinda interesting allowing the sale but not their popping! We went to a new VERY private place this year. It was GORGEOUS. I’ve never seen such complicated (four or five levels and a LOT of starbursts) and so many of them. All provided by friends of the family. There were hundreds of people there. Interesting! And lots of fun, as usual. WAY out of town!

    • Sounds lovely. It’s sad to see much better because of tornado damage, but nice to see better. You’d think here (which gives dry an all new meaning) they’d not allow fireworks, but…

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