Sometimes I Wonder If ANYONE in Jordan Thinks Things Through… Jordan Customs Is Doing WHAT?

Alright, so I heard about this on the blog-o-sphere and found it truly bizarre.  Apparently in its inestimable wisdom, Jordan customs has identified a new potential source of income.  Tax MOVIES before they can be shown.  So, it’s not enough to tax movie-goers or any one of the other 6000 taxes we’re paying to see a movie.  Now they’ve added a new one on the film rights.  Hunh?

This is just about as bizarre as they tax they put on external consultants.  Did you know that if you bring in a speaker from abroad to raise the level of intelligence and exposure of people in Jordan, you have to pay an import tax?  On a person?  So, I guess the better question is… why not movie rights.  I can’t imagine a single step that would more quickly turn people to counterfeit movies downtown.  And, after all, if those new releases stop coming out, there’s NO WAY people would just stop going to the movies, right?  Oh, yeah.  Maybe they would.  And there goes that tax revenue, hunh?

Happy Risky Business!


8 thoughts on “Sometimes I Wonder If ANYONE in Jordan Thinks Things Through… Jordan Customs Is Doing WHAT?

  1. Maher Abu Tair, a local columnist, wrote an article today entitled the government is playing with fire, in it he is cautioning against the allged anticipated interruption of electric supplies to different parts of the city on a daily basis due to dispute between the government and the companies that are providing the services, also he is cautioning agains raising the price of gas at thr pump, according to him if any of these two things occur chaos will be the order of the day and no one ought to be surprised especially those that walk around with the blinders wraped around their eyes. I guess what I’m trying to say here is that there are other segements of the society that will be getting shafted besides the movie goers.

    • Max, I have no doubt. We’ve actually been expecting the rolling blackouts to start at any time like last summer. Hopefully the government will begin to get that doing silly things to upset people is not a good policy decision.

      Joe, sadly they end up making LESS money… not more. Sigh.

  2. the king will resolve it soon just like he did a few years back regarding computers
    this is how things are fixed in undemocratic systems

    but i’m a bit skeptic

    • Yeah, maybe but I’m worried that the overall eye isn’t on the ball here. It seems like so many little things are slipping through the cracks that someone in the government need to have a better think-through when they come up with these doozies… Sigh.

  3. Really, external consultants? My question is – how would the government know? We are bringing in some speaks but we assumed that they could just walk into Jordan from US, UK and Europe with a visitor visa.

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