Customer Service Done Absolutely Right, Show Them How to Do It FINE!

I am soooo pleased when I can write about a shining star of customer service in Jordan.  Most of you know that I typically have stories of the other variety.  You know, the what went wrong, how they goofed, can’t they do better variety is more prevalent.  But, I’ve got a story to relate that is exactly how it should be done.  You may recall I wrote about the changed tissues and how disappointed I was.  I foresaw coming years of expensive imported tissues.  I blogged about how frustrating it is when Jordanian brands change, without noting on their packaging the new thing.

Those who followed it may realize that one fo their CEOs commented on the blog and offered to replace the tissues we had left.  I found that we had so few left (did I mention that I buy the 6 pack of boxes every 1.5-2 weeks?) that it didn’t seem worthwhile.  Regardless, I was pleased to have an explanation and know that my favorite tissues would be back to normal.  But, it didn’t end there.  A dear friend forwarded a link to the blog post on over to the fine people of Fine so that they would be aware and could respond.  Boy did they!

Just after lunch the other day, I received a phone call from the marketing director asking some questions about my experience and why we didn’t care for the scent.  He asked a few marketing-type questions.  Then, he asked if he could send someone out to provide me with a selection of Fine products to showcase their available options.  I said of course and he promised to have the customer service manager call me.  She did.  This morning, the big Fine delivery truck pulled up in front of my building.  The delivery man was very polite and professional (I can think of others who could learn a lesson from this fellow).  He gave me a large cardboard box and a personal letter from the company.  The letter thanked me for my interest in helping them improve and noted their referral of the matter to their expert team to ensure it doesn’t happen again.  It was very nicely written and made me very happy indeed.

But the joy of the matter was opening the big box of goodies.  It was like Christmas had come early this year.  So many of my favorite products in one place I had to smile.  My friends who were visiting this morning said that watching my face light up was the best part ;).  So, thanks Fine for doing such a great job with your service.  I love a company that listens to its customers.  You’ve found your way to the very top of my favorite Jordanian companies list!

Happy Customer-Mindedness!



24 thoughts on “Customer Service Done Absolutely Right, Show Them How to Do It FINE!

  1. This would never happen to an Arab customer. They go the extra mile for a foreigner but not an inch for one of their own.

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  3. Does that mean the non-scented tissues are coming back? Really, scented tissues don’t make any sense for those of us allergic to perfume!

    • They should already be back… if you’re finding scented in your local store, it may just be old supplies. Tehy are supposed to be introducing a new line of fragranced tissues for those who want it, but the plain should remain plain.

  4. Nice M.E. It was worth it and Fine did a good job….

    I must admit though that Fine has always given such presents to a number of NGOs during a Fund Raising activity… We got more than once from them…. So I must admit that it has nothing to do with a foreigner or a local person… I must say it was a nice gesture and good marketing.

    Do not forget to pass on one or two of the pocket fine packets for me….

  5. As far as I know, NGOs were started by foreigners and are either run by foreigners or have foreign members in them along with the locals.

    • Joe, seems the Bean family has answered the thought. I definitely think that some companies see foreigners as the end-all be-all. Some, however, value all of their customers. As a company, Fine can’t make it on foreigners alone for sure. And NGOs, even international ones, are often majority local employees ;).

  6. Joe, I think you assume too much here. You speak as someone who does not know anything about Fine and the Nuquls. Their record in terms of supporting the community in Jordan speaks for itself

  7. I wish that they would start making the 1000 sheets rolls of toilet tissue. The rolls that are in the maket throughout the kingdom are very skinny and don’t last at all. The 1000 sheet – tissue-rolls- of tiolet tissue lasts for a much longer period of time. Some commercial rolls are jumbo junior consisting of 5000 sheets and jumbo consisting of 1000 tissues. I’m not asking for those and I know they are not feasible for home use, all I’m asking for is 1000 sheet rolls. Please start making them I’m tired of bringing a case full with me from the US every time I come to spend 3 months in Jordan. Thank you and I hope that you would consider making it.

    • Max, I’m not sure if they’re 1000, but Fine does make a big roll. It’s about 50% larger than the roll I buy. They sell it in a package of 18 rolls. I have a hard time using it because she sheets can’t hold up to the pulling as they’re too fat to turn in my holders ;). It likely is what you’re looking for. It’s the fine in the fancy blue packaging, but only the 18 rolls…

  8. To Jo: Thanks for your remarks, but a point of clarification, if I may.. There are more than 2000 LOCAL NGOs in Jordan other than the International NGOs. Many of these local NGOs are doing a lot of worthy work in Jordan with women, youth, children and the family at large. They also have a number of projects and programs that involve the community and help raise their standard of living. They are l00 % locals and might have a few foreign members. Some have quite a number of membership too… .I guess we are at fault as NGO people for not doing more marketting and informing the community of what each one is doing……

  9. Some answer to the comments:
    1. Foreigners: We adopt non racial discrimination policy in all matters pertaining to our business. Specifically in marketing it is the locals, not the foreigners, that drive what is called word-of-mouth, so if anything we ought to be locally biased- which we are not. Indeed I only learnt yesterday that momto3beans is not a Jordanian.
    2. NGOs: we are proud founders and members in many NGO’s – all Jordanian. Our Elia Nuqul Fund has 100 running post school educational scholarships. This was set up by us. We are co-founders and board members of Injaz, active on the board of Tkiyyet Um Ali, and run our own program to enable poor societies in the North of Jordan. I can go on to add other social society programs both inside and outside Jordan but blowing our horn is not the intent here. Enough to say that all the mentioned NGOs are Jordanian (Injaz does get a US fund but has 50 Jordanian companies putting up close to JD750K annually into it). An NGO is to be admired irrelevant of who is behind it anyhow.
    3. Big toilet roll: Try Fine Jumbo- pack of 6 rolls, 500 sheets+ each, 4 times the cheap rolls sold in regional markets. This is what I personally use.
    4. Comments in general: should you have any suggestions, comments or criticisms, you may email me directly. Silence does not help us improve, and we try to live the times of enhanced democracy thus valuing all opinions 😉

    • Salim, thanks so much for coming on and talking some about what you do. For the record, though, although I am a blond American, I am also a very proud Jordanian, teehee. I know that we, having known of Nuqul’s fine works previously, are proud of all that you do in the community. Thanks for the invitation for people to contact you directly and great job with service. Personally, I thank you for being a shining example of doing it right!

  10. As an American visiting in Jordan, I couldn’t believe how quickly one roll of tp was gone. What a pain! But neither can I believe how wonderful this customer service is! I don’t know of any American company that can get quite this involved! This is fantastic and I understand your delight and pride at having this response! I was pretty impressed with Fine while I was over there, anyway. See? I even learned the brand name and would have loyalty to it if I were there! Way to go Momto3beans.

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