Really? Businesses that can’t tell you why you should use them?

So the Bean family has been considering various vacation options.  Given the many package deals available, El 3atal has been calling around trying to determine what options there are, what locations are nice, and what agencies are good.  One local agency he called, which advertises heavily in the local bird-cage liner newspapers, had an interesting perspective.  When asked why should I book with you instead of X (well-known competitor). The reply was, oh, all agencies are the same.  Book with whomever you like.

At this same agency, the helpful representative also gave us misinformation on the hotel.  Somehow I don’t think we’ll be going with them…

Happy non-competitive advantages!


7 thoughts on “Really? Businesses that can’t tell you why you should use them?

  1. Everyone seems to be going to Turkey. Package deals seem very affordable. I, for one, would consider Turkey for my retirement living. Except for petrochemical products that are three times more expensive than Jordan, cost of living is very much similar and being within walking distance from the beach. As far as travel deals, it is true that most businesses are pretty much the same. All these packages end up on a single charter flight so the way to go is asking previous travelers who booked a vacation with a particular company about their experiences.

    • Joe, yeah everyone is going to Turkey which makes me think it’s time to go somewhere else ;). Somehow if you’re going with half of jordan it fails to be getting away, teehee. I’m also slightly put off by what I hear about the lack of skill in English and Arabic. But, we’ll see. And, while I agree that all the places are rather the same, seems to me if you were any good, you’d tout your customer service skills, the care you give customers, something… But, hey, that’s just me.

  2. Agree on all of Arabia, not just Jordan going to Turkey. However, I have my own destination in Turkey away from Arabian stomping grounds where it’s quiet and peaceful. As for the language barrier, Turkish is actually half Arabic words but they pronounce it differently over there. Here is a link to a hotel managed by an American in Bodrum just to give you an idea.

    • Actually, if I had an address anywhere I want for license purposes, it’d likely be Arizona as they issue your driver’s license to be valid until you are 65. No annoying renewals…

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