Can’t We Ever Keep Current Passports?

You know, three years ago, we had to delay a trip to the US because ButterBean’s passport had expired.  I discovered it the night before we traveled.  Sigh.  So, since we’ve been thinking about going away, I pushed El 3atal to check our Jordanian passports.  Sure enough, all four of us (not El 3atal) had expired passports.  So, today we ventured out to Tabarbour to renew them.  Thank goodness it isn’t like the US requiring 2 weeks (if you’re lucky enough to be abroad).  Instead, the process takes only an hour or so.

On the unfortunate side, El 3atal decided it would be a good idea to renew the Daftar 3aily (family book) at the same time.  Now, I won’t say that I think this thing is a worthless waste of trees (I do, but I won’t say it).  And I won’t say that the arcane process for this, which involves a dot matrix printer and ten guys to do the job of one, should be changed (it should, but I won’t say it).  But I will say that we should have taken another opportune moment to renew the stupid thing.  Sometime I’ll have to blog about how I ended up as JiddoBean’s second wife for a span of minutes (does that mean I inherit?) due to the incompetence and inefficiencies of the process.  All I can say is, the process may not involve lots of up and down and round and round, but it is still ridiculously slow.

The state-of-the-art passport which has color photos and all sorts of cool anti-forgery techniques takes like 30 minutes to print.  The sad little regular paper, dot matrix, silliness takes 1.5 hours.  Really?  At any rate, I just want to know, will we EVER manage to have all of our documentation valid at the same time?

Oh, and my US driver’s license is about to expire.  Gotta figure that one out next.  Sigh.

Happy Obsolescence!


14 thoughts on “Can’t We Ever Keep Current Passports?

  1. You can renew your driver’s license online but you need an eye test to be done by a certified optometrist recognized by your state’s DMV. However, in some states now they will not give you the new license in person but will mail it to you in order to make sure that you are who you are and you live at the address listed on your dirver’s license. So even if you can renew online, they will mail it to you to your USA address. You can’t renew a USA driver’s license with a foreign address.

    • Joe, on-line renewal is 100% a state issue (as is licensing in general). My state does do it, but only if there’s no address change. But, I think we may be able to sort it out ;). Thanks.

  2. I would love to get my US passport done 30 minutes. They could hand print it for all I care! And paying almost as much as the darn passport for rush delivery. OUCH! The Jordanian passport is a steal compared to the US one. I hear you on managing multiple passports, and a DL…I’vee got a CPL to contend with. Too many expiration dates.

    i wanted to ask you though, do you drive in Jordan using your US one? What color license plate does your vehicle have?

    • Anon, the US passport system could definitely use a Jordan-style overhaul. But, then again, if we look at scale, there’s no comparison, is there? And no, I drive in jordan on a Jordanian license not an American one ;).

      • The adjustment to scale was considered as the number of offices that handle the passports in the US would be reflective of the number of customers each serve. 😉 I think that doing them in person at the post office would be much more efficient, but then again the passport acceptance facility (post office) wouldn’t get the service fee or the stamp/express mail money used to send the applications. So maybe the Jordanians learned that from us….hire many to do the job 1 could, or put many steps in the process to ensure that many are empoloyed by it.

      • Oh, no, Anon. If anything the US is learning from other places in the world. Jordan (and most of the third world) have been long-time leaders in the providing jobs through inefficiency field ;). Although, saying that, here in Amman (a city of several million) there’s only one passport facility. You’d think it’d be much bigger ;).

  3. Im new Here like reading Jordanian blogs so i’ll “agazizko” :p

    can you explain to me who is al 3atal and what is ButterBean, JuniorBean, and JujuBean with MommaBean plz 🙂 !?

    • Welcome Rania. El 3atal is my husband, a wonderful, Jordanian man that I met and married in the US. ButterBean is our oldest child, Junior Bean is our boy, and JujuBean is our youngest. Hope that helps… Oh, and I’m MommaBean.

  4. Getting a passport in Jordan last was fast, you got it the same day!!! Here in Sweden it takes a couple of days to renew your Swedish passport. Sometimes Jordan is the best!!/

    S Susan

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