Talk About Fast Food…

Can I admit that this is one of my pet peeves?  From a health and a cleanliness perspective I hate to see kids walking around while eating.  There’s a time to eat and a time to play.  It is not the same time.  It drives me crazy.  It’s a common occurrence here.  I mean, few cases are as egregious as the young boy being served rice IN the pool.  With the helper chasing him around holding out the spoon dropping rice as she went.  But this drives me crazy.  With as easy as it is to choke on food while sitting, why aggravate the situation by having the child walk around?

Solution to the problem: tough love in my very humble opinion.  If your child is not inclined to sit down, they are clearly not hungry.  When they are hungry, they will sit to eat a meal.  I find, with most of these tough-love situations, it takes no more than twice.  Once the child realizes you are serious and they won’t eat until the next designated food time (snack or meal depending on the whens), they will sit and eat.  I though of this today at the playground.  We have been doing Tuesday events at local playgrounds with food.  The Beans put food on their plates and immediately sat down to eat.  Other kids followed their lead (or have parents like me), but I just found it cute how they sat so properly and cutely to eat their food.  And I’m talking like pizza here, not something fancy and plate-necessary.  So, I thought about the number of 2 year olds I’ve seen being chased around restaurants and other places with spoons and forks of food.

Happy Seating Arrangements!


10 thoughts on “Talk About Fast Food…

  1. I find this post interesting for another reason. Maybe some of us adults need to do likewise. A lot of the information on weight loss (witness the explosion of people in the population who are obese and/or overweight in excess), that one of the keys is to sit down and eat. That way you chew properly, you take your time (and know you’ve eaten – which half the time when you eat on the fly you forget you’ve eaten, Let’s eat AGAIN?, etc.), and chew your food properly not swallow it whole and choke to death, as you mentioned. Good post, MamaBean!

    • Yeah, I tend to find that kids who make dinner time play time end up with discipline issues all around. Sigh. And you don’t get to see how cute they are sitting all grown-up with plates in their laps eating ;).

  2. lol I hate it to its very annoying habit, but I think kids love attention thats why they start running o jumping while they should sit and eat, but arent all of us like some attention 🙂

    • Yes, well. We all like attention for sure, but I think the parents job is helping our kids find times and places that are appropriate. Dinner time… not so much. The worst thing is when you are sitting in a restaurant and keep having kids dashing past screeching with helpers running after them trailing food… Sigh. 😉

  3. You got that right that’s very annoying and do u know smthn more annoying,kids 3 and 2 years old answering ur home phone, what i cant understand give me ur mom plz :p

    • Rania, that cracks me up… I’m with you. It’s worse for me because half the time the kids don’t speak English. Yikes! Maybe I should do a 10 pet peeves post ;).

    • Rebecca, very interesting article. Thanks for sharing it ;). Utensils… that’s a good idea. Makes it take longer to get the food to the mouth. I think we need more work on that in our household.

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