What’s in a Hairstyle? Orlando Bloom Leads the Way to Dairy Queen Hair

So, for maybe six months, CousinBean has been sporting this new DQ-inspired swirl of hair on his head.  I will say that the resemblance is something of a cross between Mr. T and the top of an ice cream cone.

But El 3atal called it 100% correctly.  The hairstyle is exactly like Big Boy… you know Shoney’s Big  Boy.  Here’s a picture of the stylin’ cool hair-do from the plastic mascot outside a restaurant.

We couldn’t figure out why anyone would want to have the same hairstyle as this guy.  After all, the restaurant merged with Shoney’s in the 80s and the Big Boy went out of style.  And even before that, it’s not like he’s a fashion icon.  And yet, young men world-wide have been sporting his ‘do.  Tonight, El 3atal found the reason (and shared it).  It seems that Orlando Bloom did an ad for Hugo Boss’ Orange cologne with the same Big Boy-inspired locks.  As you can see in the picture below, it’s easily understandable.  After all, if Orlando Bloom does it, then if I do I can get the girl (s), right?

All I can say is, forget hat-head… it’s so 90s.  The 2000s are all about…

Happy Ice-cream Head!

13 thoughts on “What’s in a Hairstyle? Orlando Bloom Leads the Way to Dairy Queen Hair

  1. Big Boy restaurants are still a huge hit in Michigan. Hooray for Big Boy hairdos! 🙂

    As an aside, my senior prank involved a group of us class of ’88-ers, a pickup truck and a Big Boy statue much like in your picture which ended up on the front lawn of the high school in front of the principal’s office.

  2. This hair style reminds me of Grease, the movie. The style in the US for a while was Justin Bieber, he had this swoopy over the eyes long hair look that drove me crazy because I could never see the kids eyes when I was talking to them! I think he cut his hair and it went out of style…:)

    • Winter, I’m with you on the annoyingness of the Justin Bieber locks (well, and songs, but let’s not go there). I can kind of see the resemblance to Grease, but at least that was a bit more… flat.

  3. Anon, yes, I think you’re right. I was thinking that Elias is a name in the US (as in Elias Brothers) where Americans don’t recognize the Arabic origin – They say “E-lie-us” instead of E-lee-ahs” – and never realize.

    Casey Kassem too, come to think of it.

  4. AHA! I spent several minutes staring at CousinBean’s hair, trying to recall what I was reminded of. You pegged it.

    I just can’t see Orlando Bloom as anywhere near attractive without his long blonde LOTR tresses. Sigh. So early 2K

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