Stop! Turtle Thief!

Well, the Beans and I are devastated.  Our lovely Mrs. Turtle is gone.  She, who had so happily climbed trees and slid down them, taken daily constitutionals (walks) around the marble, found a favorite hiding place… she’s gone.  Don’t get me wrong, she didn’t die.  She just… disappeared.  Give her location (and her happiness and comfort with it), we’re pretty sure she was stolen.  So, I ask you, what kind of sick person steals a turtle from children?  Anyone know of a land turtle with babies?  I’d be happy to replace Mrs. Turtle…

Sad Shell Games!


5 thoughts on “Stop! Turtle Thief!

    • Well, you lift up it’s tail and check between the legs… Seriously, his/her NAME was Mrs. Turtle. No idea how the GirlBeans got JuniorBean to agree to that one…

  1. I’m so sorry! I was so happy to meet Mrs. Turtle. I had never known one to be like that one. Such a small space to live, and yet be so happy doing it. And she was well cared for, I believe! Snif. Snif. So, so, sorry!

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