When is Free NOT Free?

So the Bean family just returned from a lovely vacation in Sharm El Sheikh.  We spent 5 nights in luxurious accommodation at the Renaissance hotel.  We had the ideal room.  It was 5 steps off of our balcony to the pool (ground floor, no less).  And a small flight of steps to the sea.  Due to our need for adjoining rooms, we also managed to rate a two bedroom suite.  It was very nice.  But, while there, we had a funny experience (don’t we always?).

El 3atal had heard that free wi-fi internet access was available at the main pool area (not the one outside our room).  So, he went up to get more details as the in-room access was like $20 a day (sigh).  The conversation went something like this:

El 3atal: “So, it’s free wi-fi here in this area?”

Waiter: “Yes, that’s right.”

El 3atal: “Excellent, what do I need to access?  Is there a code?”

Waiter: “Yes there’s a code.”

El 3atal: “Great, so how do I get the code, exactly?”

Waiter: “You order a drink and we give you the code.”

El 3atal: “Ahhh, I see.  So it’s NOT free, is it?”

Waiter: “Well, no. No it isn’t.”

I have to say that I found the conversation really quite funny.  Those familiar with the US will know that we have laws in truth in advertising.  Basically it says that all claims in ads must be true.  To run an ad like the one above, you’d need to have what is known as fine print.  The ad would look something like this…

Free internet access at main pool*

*Access code requires purchase of a beverage.

See, see how it’s done.  I promise the world in big bright print and then take it away in small light colored print.  The beauty of fine print ;).  At any rate, I found the whole situation quite funny.  Hope you enjoyed it!

Happy Freedom!



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