The Joys of Ramadan Shopping… Sigh

So, most of you know Ramadan is not my favorite season… not by a long shot.  This is mostly owing to the attitude adopted by too many people here in Jordan.  Somehow there is prevalent attitude that any bad behavior I choose to display should be ignored because I’m fasting.  Mind you, there are pockets of the population, many who are close friends of mine, who have exactly the opposite attitude.  They hear the birds more clearly (maybe because they’re up early to hear them?) and show the world their very best side during this holy month.  Sadly, they seem to be a silent minority.

Traffic is always awful, but is particularly bad this year with all of the added cars on the roads. As my faithful three readers know, I have gotten hit 4 of the 5 Ramadans that we’ve lived here.  An offshoot of that is that one lady (who hit me, mind you) said that SHE forgives ME (boy is she lucky it was said in Arabic and I didn’t understand it).  And one year a man threatened to kill El 3atal for asking for the damages he caused on the Beanmobile.  So this year, I’ve resolved to stay home as much as possible (goal achieved) and try not to be on the roads to get hit.

One task, however, that I can’t avoid, is shopping.  We need groceries.  Ramadan or not, the Beans still have to eat.  And given that most restaurants are closed during the day and overpopulated at night, food at home is more important than usual.  Somehow Cozmo thought that Ramadan was the perfect time to close up half of their parking lot covering it with what look like HVAC ducting.  Hunh?  As if I want to deal with that when I’m shopping.  Add to that the fact that people buy meat like it’s going out of style.  I don’t get it.  We eat the typical American amount of meat (like nearly every meal), but I buy for Ramadan like usual.  Even for days when we’re having people over, I don’t overstock.  So why is it that hamburger meat is constantly gone.  It’s flying off the shelves.  Cozmo can’t keep it packaged and on the shelf leaving me asking for them to make it for me (yes, I shop to avoid this experience as much as possible).  And the lines of people are many deep at the meat counter.  It makes you want to go vegetarian, doesn’t it?

My favorite today was our visit to Safeway.  I had four packs of flossers for the kids to buy and waited after three people in  the 10 items or less lane.  Just as the guy in front of me is finishing, some man comes up and sticks his stuff on the belt in front of me.  When I ask him what it is he thinks he’s doing, he tried to gesture to me that he’s going.  What?  There’s a line of 10 people behind me and I was behind this guy, so what is it you think you are doing?  Now, it so happens that El 3atal waited in the customer service line and checked the items there instead.  But, let me tell you, had he not, this man would have been wearing his “I didn’t do anything wrong because I’m important” look on another part of his anatomy…  I hate, hate, hate when people think they are the most important person in the world and that excuses bad behavior.  And, I also can’t stand the staff who say, “Oh, don’t get upset…”  Well, you know if you’d put him in his place, I wouldn’t have to, hunh?  They are lucky I’m not in customer service there because that guy would have gone to the very back of the line (and I would likely have added three more to the line to make a point).

Moral of the story is… watch out for MommaBean because she isn’t fasting, but she WILL call you on bad behavior ;).

Happy Boors!


8 thoughts on “The Joys of Ramadan Shopping… Sigh

  1. Grace to you during this month of Ramazan. I often sense spiritual opposition in my country, and yes, dealing with grouchy, hungry people is hard. Do you have a drummer come around at 4 a.m. like we do?

      • Yes, you can listen to a drummer, on a homemade youtube video on my blog if you like. After about two weeks, I finally sleep through it!!! I pray people will do this with a spirit of seeking God, instead of trying show their own self righteousness!

  2. Yeah! Yeah!

    I feel so much better now that you got that out of my system! (Really, just exactly how I have been thinking.)

    BTW, discovered a mini-Carrefour just off my new alternate (“miles-and-miles-out-of-the-way-just-to-avoid-Sweileh”) route – and almost no one was there. I was in heaven.

  3. A typical Ramadan day among the Arabs. All this fasting for naught as it won’t be accepted with all their misdeeds.

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