The Evolution of a Blog…

The Tale of Three Beans blog has been going for some five years now, as amazing as it seems to me.  It’s been an interesting ride. It’s also been interesting watching the evolution of the blog in many different ways.  In the beginning, I blogged mostly about funny things I saw around Jordan.  This was usually Arablish signage.  Nowadays, my blog tackles subjects that are sometimes a good bit deeper.  It also talks about anything that catches my mind, eye, or fancy.

Another evolution my blog has gone through is its commentorship.  I can’t speak to readership (although WordPress tells me I have more than my oft-lamented jokingly three readers).  In the beginning the majority of my readers/commentors were rather young (let’s call them 20-somethings), lived in Jordan, and were single.  Wonderful folks like Omar (Omarnos), BamBam (No Angel), Jano (Jansait), and Bakkouz.  Somehow over the years, with the implosion of Jordan Planet and changes to JordanBlogs, I’ve rather lost touch with these folks.  I lost Bakkouz back when he went to his awesome new design.  Somehow it was just too complicated for my poor, simple Mommy-brain.  The rest, well, I’m not sure where I lost them.  Jano I see from time to time, much to my benefit.  She is truly lovely and inspiring.

These days, my commentors seem to be older folks.  They’ve gone from 20 something to 30 something (at least that’s my perception).  They are often not living in Jordan any longer and seem to be married.  I’m not sure if this is the evolution of what I talk about or is rather that the younger generation zipped off to Facebook and Twitter leaving mostly us old fogeys blogging.  At any rate, it’s interesting to see.

I have retained some long-time readers like Kinzi, Teta Bean, and MemeBean, but they’re all family (yes, even you Kinzi, you’re as close as family).  If you’re reading these days and have been since the beginning, drop a comment… let us know you’re there.  Or stay in hiding, nowadays WordPress tells me someone’s reading… who it is, well that’s half the fun, isn’t it?

Happy Evolution!

18 thoughts on “The Evolution of a Blog…

  1. I started reading you a few years ago, a silent observer, wondering how I could get to know such neat expat ladies living in Jordan. Well, that seems like a very long time ago! Hugs, Momma Bean, love your blog – always will!

  2. It sounds like I changed along with your demographic. I started reading your blog as a (just barely older than my) twenty (s)-something single girl and now I’m a mid-thirties, married mommy. We left Jordan for the summer, but just got back. (Let me know if you know of any good houses for rent in your neighborhood!)

    • Oooh, are you looking for furnished or not? I’ll definitely keep my eyes open. I also had the thought that several of my readers just got older, as well. Too fun and welcome back!

  3. Soo, being 40 (and have been reading your blog for a couple of yrs) makes me like a REALLY old lady????? Yes, and married with 2 children ( 8 and 10), not living in Jordan, actually in Sweden but dreaming about living in Amman, enjoying reading your blog, makes me what??? Hm….

    • These days, it makes you more par for the course… When I started blogging (and maybe when you started reading) it made you a big sister. Given that I’m approaching 40 rapidly (like as in a couple of day away), I imagine it makes us compatriots ;). Welcome, oh and I love Sweden, by the way… if I were dreaming of living anywhere it’d be there (except for that pesky snow).

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