Dead Sea Fish Anyone?

Now I know that Jordanians are resourceful… and that they are persistent.  But, even Jordanians can’t get fish from the Dead Sea.  I mean, that’s WHY it’s called the Dead Sea, right?  So, we were struck with the hilarity of this sign (for those non-Arabic reading folks, this sign says Fresh Dead Sea Fish).  In fact, I think we caused a traffic jam yesterday in Kerak taking this picture.  We went to visit the castle (and yes I berated El 3atal again for the fact that I’d been to Jordan 10 times and the best castle he’d shown me until like 2 years ago was Shobak, blech).  It was a very interesting trip and a nice visit.  I enjoyed helping the Beans get a feel for what it was like to be shooting arrows at invaders from arrow slits.  We got to talk about why they built the sides sloped.  All in all, an interesting visit and an interesting comparison to Ajloun.  Very different castles built by very different people.

We also decided to give it a shot taking the King’s Highway back.  Not sure if that’s the road we found (we think so), but it was full of quirks, unmarked detours, and adventures.  We went through Wadi Mujib and over the Mujib Dam. It was interesting to show the kids the Dam and talk about what purposes a dam can serve.

I love the experiential learning opportunities.  I also love seeing parts of Jordan that most people never have the chance to see.  All in all, it was a fun and interesting trip.  The bets part, though, was still the Dead Sea Fish.

Happy Brine!


2 thoughts on “Dead Sea Fish Anyone?

  1. WOW! Thanks for this post. Fascinating. And I’m really interested in El3atal trying out the fish and telling us how they are! But so much more, I love hearing about the little ones having the experiential learning, as you say. There is no better way! Thank you!

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