Jordan’s Road Workers More Energetic Than Most?

As if the other things we encountered weren’t entertaining enough in Kerak… on the way back, I made El 3atal cause a traffic jam in a tiny little town we passed on our scenic journey home to snap a pic of this sign…

Note that the Man at Work, which in the US looks like this:

is a realistic picture of road workers.  They are having a leisurely go at moving gravel aside.  But not Jordan’s road workers… Oh, no.  They hop to it.  I mean, the guy above is holding that shovel like a child’s beach toy… and approaching his work as if he were building a sand castle.  Look at that spring in his step.  I thought maybe it was a local homemade sign, but no. We saw another one a fair piece down the road.  So, what do you think, have you seen Jordanian road workers dashing about with energy, excitement, or dare I say it, verve?  Have I just missed them?

Happy Workers!


6 thoughts on “Jordan’s Road Workers More Energetic Than Most?

  1. One thing is to check where these signs are made. Most probably they were made in another country so they do not reflect what the local workers are doing on the ground. Usually, when there are five laborers working on some road, four are drinking tea supervising the poor slob doing the actual work.

    • Joe, definitely I haven’t seen this type of excitement about road work in any country… But, yes usually it seems there is one poor guy doing everything while everyone else watches and talks about how tired they are.

  2. I love your observation of ‘just a piece down the road’. Wonder where that kind of expression came from? tee hee. Welcome to the southern United States!

    • I’ll do a little peeking on the internet. A friend was amused when I told her I keep my eyes peeled for her. Guess it’s not an expression the Swiss hear very often from English speakers, teehee.

  3. Are they union? 4 watch and 1 does a mediocre job at best.

    The US silhouette is missing his hard hat, hand, ear and eye protection, steel toed boots, and reflective vest. The poor souls in Jordan, wears flip-flops, dress slacks, a button down dress shirt and is operating the air-hammer while 20 of his comrades smoke and bark out orders.

    • Anon, no doubt. Although, to be precise no one was actually doing road work next tot he road work sign. They had torn up the road, but no one was fixing it. It was a work day, but it was hot… so maybe that’s why ;).

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