When 911 Just Isn’t Helpful…

During this summer/Ramadan season (well, and every summer) people who live near hotels bear the brunt of Jordan’s noise pollution.  When we first moved to Jordan, we lived a block from one of Jordan’s popular wedding and party venues.  I worried each night that the Beans would wake up from the noise.  Luckily (or not), our room was on the side of the hotel pool where they had evening events. So, we were the ones who heard the music until 1 or 2 in the morning.  Now, after midnight, you can call the police to quiet your neighbors down.  Unfortunately, there seems to be some special exemption for hotels.  I stumbled on a blog of an acquaintance where he laments his unfortunate experience with the lack of adequate law enforcement (read it here).

He lives near the Days Inn and has had issues with his young daughter being wakened every night by loud music.  He has tried calling he police who tell him to call the tourist police who… you get the picture.  Nightly run-around and unpleasant living situations.  Now, when we moved into our “permanent” home here, we are not near a hotel nor a mosque.  For us, it’s ideal because the Beans aren’t wakened by the local noises and with the air conditioning on, generally can’t hear them.  I feel for this man.  It is terrible to feel so helpless to get the government to enforce its laws.  It reminds me of billboards along Airport Road that touted “Rule of Law” as a great reason to do business in Jordan.  I laughed every time I saw them.  After all, Jordan HAS laws, but calling there a Rule of law wold be overstating the situation.  Whether the law applies equally to you depends on so many factors that it’s often not worth bothering.  And that’s no way to make progress forward, now is it?

Happy Sleeplessness!


4 thoughts on “When 911 Just Isn’t Helpful…

  1. You know the saying… to protect and serve. There is an Arab equivalent… Police in the service of the people. Except you should remove the word people and replace it with VIPs, and I believe it’s 191 in Jordan not 911.

    How about the movie Sleepless in Amman?

    • Joe, indeed. Although Amman introduced 911 integrated police service last year… I suspect only the foreigners know since it was published in the Jordan Times ;). Maybe that’s the key to getting service? I doubt it though. And I loved Sleepless in Seattle!

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