Jordanian Moms HAVE to be Smarter…

No, not seriously.  But those of us with kids in Jordanian schools… oh my goodness.  The things they require and the expectations.  I mean, really!  Ok, sorry vent over.  For those who have no idea what I’m talking about, let me tell you what getting kids for school is like.  So, in addition to the American usual things like buying school supplies (thank goodness our lists are’t as complicated as the ones I’ve seen posted at Wal-Marts), we have had to do the following:

  1. Try on our old uniforms and purchase the new things that we need for the year
  2. Go through our shoes and determine if we have adequate appropriately colored shoes (not a popular color at all, no pink for us)
  3. Register and receive the books and notebooks for the Beans
  4. Write their names and class information on all books and notebooks
  5. Cover the books with contact paper, yes it’s a required activity (since I have 3 with nearly 100 books between them I now outsource this activity)
  6. Purchase supplies from one store
  7. Purchase heavy-duty school bags from a different store (actually 2 stores, but let’s not go there)
  8. Divide books per semester and put them in the right place
  9. Rest, because I am seriously worn out already!

I mean, to keep track of all of the necessities and complete everything in less than 100 trips takes serious brain-power and serious organization.  I’m not convinced I’m up to the task.  I did it a bit early this year (schools here don’t start back until the second week of September) because I was worried that everyone would take the Eid (holiday) off and I wouldn’t get them covered.  I’ll tell you, that’s not something I want to do again.  The cost of having someone else do it is so cheap compared to the mental exercise and physical labor of doing it myself.  Yikes!  At any rate, here’s me wishing everyone else in the world…

Happy Back-to-School!


8 thoughts on “Jordanian Moms HAVE to be Smarter…

  1. In high school and college i went through 6 Jansport backpacks. Best things was I only paid for $55 for the very first one. A tear here, I send it to them and they fix it. Tear in the suede due to a million books and pens cutting or poking through, no worries, just send it off for repair, free of charge. A few times the zipper stopped working and they sent me a new bag. I would totally recommend that if you come back to the US you bring them back and mail them in. Usually back in a 3-4 weeks!

    Or you could buy a CODi bag…my new backpack of choice!

    • Anon, thanks for the suggestion. Actually, I fully intend to ensure that the JanSport dealer here fix any problems ;). I know in Jordan it’s not the done thing, but they touted their 30 year warranty, so they’re going to be on the hook. 3ala rasi indeed! Teehee. I’ll take a peek at the CODi backpacks next time I’m states side. I didn’t see any rolling, though, on a quick glance on google ;).

    • Mikhi in Sweifieh is who I used. Lots of little maktabehs do it, though. For us, it’s ease and convenience. We’ve used them 2 years in a row and they did an excellent job both times.

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