Holding On… And Letting Go

I have trouble letting go of things.  I come by this naturally, I assure you.  MemeBean is a pack rat of the Clean House order.  In the US, we moved every few years which made me appreciate getting rid of things (and not acquiring things).  But since moving to Jordan, it’s been hard to let go of things for another reason.  Items here tend to fall into 2 categories.  Outrageously cheap and shoddily made junk or outrageously expensive and shoddily made junk.  So, the 3 JD toy and the 50 JD toy will both likely break the first time you use them.  As a result of this challenge, I hoard things.  I kept the Bean’s clothing long after they were no longer needed.  I kept baby toys.  I kept everything.  Well, with the advent of the garage sales out and about, I’ve started to think about letting go.

In fact, I’ve even started to get rid of things.  I started with baby clothes and baby toys.  I moved on to household items and am now finding all sorts of other things to offload.  It’s really kind of cleansing and freeing.  I mean, it’s hard, but it feels nice clearing things out and making space… space to bring new things in but more than that more space to just be.  I’m loving the liberation of the space.  Now, if I could convince the Beans to give up some of the volumes of toys they never play with, I’d be set.  Maybe we’d have enough room in our house for new things.  Until then, I think we’re having a ban on toys ;).  Ah well, I’ll just keep trying.

Happy Deliverance!


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