The Missed Call Black Hole…

I have a confession to make.  It’s a doozy, so get ready.  I don’t return missed calls.  If you call my cell and don’t get me, clearly you’ll call back if it’s important, right?  It’s perhaps a rude habit, but it’s one that I cling to.  I had felt rather alone in this.  I mean, most people wouldn’t be rude that way would they?

At my playdate/birthday party, this actually came up in conversation.  I’ll have you know that half of the attendees are the same.  There’s apparently a little clique of us.  The missed-call black hole is alive and well in Jordan.  Perhaps the more interesting questions is why don’t I return missed calls…  I suspect it’s a psychological problem, teehee.

In all seriousness, though, there are a few reasons.  The first applies when I receive a call from a number I don’t know.  This situation is always fraught with opportunity for either embarrassment or annoyance.  When I call back unknown numbers, it’s often someone who answers the phone in Arabic.  I don’t mean with an Arabic word, I mean with an Arabic mindset.  So, here I am trying to explain in English that I had a missed call from them and etc., etc., etc.  But I always have to do it twice because the person usually has to switch their mindset into English.  So, it’s frustrating.  And sometimes it’s someone who doesn’t even speak English.  And often it was a wrong number in the first place.

The second reason, although I hate to admit it, is that I’m pretty lazy about it.  If a friend called me and I didn’t notice until a day or two later… well whatever they called for is likely no longer valid, right?  If they wanted to go somewhere together, it’s probably passed already.  And if they actually wanted something, they’ll try again.  Clearly.  So, yes any IRL friends of mine who don’t get call-backs, now you know my dirty little secret.

So what, if anything, is the good news in this? Well, it’s that I don’t expect you to call me back either (I’ll probably be happy if you do, but…).  If I need you for something important, I’ll call back (or Facebook you).  Otherwise, it was something that passed and there’s no need to trouble yourself, teehee.  How about you?  Do you return missed calls?  Is it the gift that keeps on giving for you (local vernacular when you meet someone with whom you’d like to exchange number is “I’ll give you a missed call.”)?

Happy black hole!


10 thoughts on “The Missed Call Black Hole…

  1. How awful! Not call back? Dear, dear! I’m always impressed if someone has that attitude. I’m always insecure, want them not to think ill of me, don’t want to miss important information like my property is being foreclosed, etc. But I also have a lot of frustration when it is a telemarketer. So I watch the call notation and if it’s a 1-800, or Info not available, then I’m not available either, and I wouldn’t return the call either. The angriest I have gotten in such a situation lately is when a telemarketer called and the phone read Dept of Public Safety (Police) in a town close to one I used to live in. I was afraid that the stolen tag was being used and they needed to get in touch with me, etc. So I called back over and over. Finally I went to the computer and did a reverse, and found all these notations from others who had the same experience and were mad because it was a telemarketer. So in my estimation, you are smart to handle it your way!

  2. I don’t return calls also 🙂 Thanks for the voice mail. If the call is important the caller should leave a voice mail or call again otherwise I know it is just for chit-chat or unimportant matter. And because of the magical service of voice mail I never answer an unknown number.
    Do you still don’t have voice mail service in Jordan?

    • Jaraad, voicemail here is very funny. You can get it, but it’s like the US when answering machines were new… people are scared of them. They’ll either hang up or leave a really nervous, rambling message. It’s amusing, but not so helpful. I don’t bother with it on my cell phone ;). I’m not that important and I like it that way!

  3. I generally hate the phone and see it as a necessary evil. But “necessary” doesn’t mean I have to play by the rules! 🙂

    If I have an option, I respond via Facebook. I like Facebook better anyway.

    Oh and I hate voice mail and I wouldn’t use it even if we had it here. I prefer a text message, so if there were a reliable voice mail conversion to text message facility, I would be happier still!

    • Emi, I’m kind of with you. I hate talking on the phone here. Back in the US, my entire job was virtual and required significant phone time. Somehow here in Jordan it’s different. I agree that I use Facebook much more with folks who are on lots. And voicemail, I’d use if I thought people knew how to actually take the message and then answer ;). But text messaging is often easier and soooo cheap here.

  4. Here’s my secret: I return the calls if the person’s part of my “inner circle.” Otherwise I let them call me back. Certainly don’t call unknown numbers back. Secret #2:I label unknown callers who bother me (weirdo 1, weirdo 2,) so I can identify them and not pick up!

  5. Voice mail is the best thing EVER. It’s funny when people visit from Jordan, like my Mom :), and they are calling someone I tell them, leave the person a message! But for some reason they just feel self conscious or something and hang up quickly as soon as they here the beeeeep 🙂 .

    I had to get used to voice mail pretty quickly when I came to Canada because that’s the only way people will call you back.

    Also, my kids are already great at message leaving, you gotta start them early 🙂 .

    • 7aki, See, you know. It’s actually quite amusing to WATCH them not leave the message. The voicemail picks up and they get that deer in the headlights look ;). Glad to hear you’re training the kids. Mine wouldn’t know what to do with voicemail, but then again they’ve only recently been allowed to answer the phone when I think it’s Teta… ;).

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