Celebrity Sightings… in Aqaba?

Now I’ll grant you that my celebrity sighting wasn’t of the Brangelina variety.  It was, however, much more interesting to me personally than such a star-studded event would have been.  While vacationing in Aqaba over the weekend, I bumped into none other than Nermeen Murad.  Readers of Jordan Times will likely be familiar with her insightful commentary on a variety of topics which include women’s rights and issues.  I have long enjoyed her writing, even when I’m not in 100% agreement with it ;).

A little over a year ago, I even blogged about my new fan-status (see it here).  So, it was pretty cool to meet her after reading her stuff for quite a while now.  She’s down to earth and seems to be a genuinely neat person in person as it were.  I look forward to getting together with her in real life one of these days soon and getting to know her better.  Shoot maybe we’ll get the families together and see how that works out ;).  So, you never know what may happen in Aqaba…  it may not all be rest and relaxation and you may be glad that it’s not!

Happy fanfare!


4 thoughts on “Celebrity Sightings… in Aqaba?

    • How did I miss the celebrity bloggers? Or have I forgotten in my vacation-induced haze? All that sun and water shorts out my circuits. Oh, and I’d rather see Nermeen than anyone as well, well except maybe Russell Crowe… yowza. Teehee.

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